Wednesday, September 30, 2009

House Tour

I know I am a day late with this home tour, but I had some technical difficulties. A big thank you to Lucy Murchison, the homeowner's daughter, who worked, and worked, and worked with me on these photos. If you missed the bedroom pictures from Monday you can see them here. Enjoy!!

Welcome to the home of Marybeth Reid, Dallas, Texas.
Loving the entrance hall and especially the blue bowls.
I also like the garden stools and the bench. Marybeth has a real knack for layering.

Paintings by Marybeth. Yes, not only is she a talented decorator, but she also paints. I think creativity comes in bunches.

Family Room
Love the ceiling reflected in the mirror.
The shape of those chairs is fantastic. And Marybeth, I need more info on your furry, leather friend hanging on the wall. I love the unexpected!!

Family Room

Living Room.

I love this view because you can see both the bamboo tables and the garden stools.

Love this grouping. The bottom painting is by Marybeth. The top painting is by Marybeth's husband's uncle, George Marcil. If you are going to marry into a family, try to marry into one with some talents. I think Uncle George's painting is fabulous.

This is a little nook in the breakfast room.
Let's see...I like the metal chair, the blue glass lamp, the antlers and the heron. It's all good!

Painting by Marybeth's friend, Jean Work.
Don't you love a house with personal art?

Dining room. I, of course, love the plate grouping.

Back porch overlooking the pool.

And what a pool it is. It is a far cry from the old cement pond.

From what I understand, Marybeth is in charge of the inside and her husband, Craig, is in charge of the outside. Looks like they make a pretty good team.

And finally, Marybeth's inspiration board.
So neat and organized....surprising for someone so creative . I love that it is covered in family photos.

Marybeth, thank you for sharing your home!!! I know my readers will enjoy it has much as I did.


  1. I aodre home tours! And what a home! My very favorite things are the two small paintings in black frames! Can you talk any more friends into home tours?!

  2. what a DREAM house!!! she'd got such a talent for display & combining the unexpected. beautiful!!!

  3. What a gorgeous home, the outside is just as good as the inside !

  4. In love with the outdoor spaces!The pool is so unique and the landscape reminds me of the beautiful xeriscaping in Austin. Great post!

  5. It's beautiful and I love how all of the original art is displayed in such uplifting ways. Does anybody know where I can find some gold and glass bamboo tables? reasonably? thanks!

  6. It's stunning! Love the traditional elements mixed with touches of modern. Oh, and that outdoor space has me swooning. Such a fabulous home tour. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I don't even know where to begin, there is just so much fabulousness. The layers of beautiful things are just mixed so well, and it gives the home so much character. Great home tour, thank you so much for sharing it with us. It makes me want to start collecting art.

  8. such an elegant and creative woman

  9. How beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  10. gorgeous! and so much light coming in...i'm a little jealous!!

  11. great post! particularly loved the effect of the mirror reflecting the ceiling, the glazed stools, the pool................thanks!

  12. Hi Sissy,
    Thanks for doing such a great job on posting parts of my house and yard. I would have love to have shown more of my husband Craig's labor of love in the garden...he has climbing roses, acacia, lavender, an herb garden, an olive tree, and grasses. He is a masterful gardener (and a fabulous cook too).

    Botanical brouhaha: we lived in Austin for several wonderful years. We still buy so many of our plants in Austin and plant them back in Dallas. The growing cycle is a bit different though.

    Anon: The bamboo tables came from Mecox Gardens.

    Sissy: The "furry leather thing" on the wall in the family room is a woven grass raincoat from Asia. Ew. I hope it doesn't really look like a "furry leather things"

    We are so fortunate to have so many artists in our family. My oldest daughter Caris Reid is a talented artist living in Brooklyn. My father and mother in law are both painters (one of his paintings is behind the blue bowl. Uncle George. It goes on and on.

    OK, remember the brown and white striped fabric from from a few posts back?? What do you all think? Do I need curtains made from that fabric in my family room?

    Thanks for the input.

  13. What a beautiful home! Besides her gorgeous space it's so fun to see her inspiration board.

  14. Lucy,
    Thanks for being a patient photographer.

  15. Caris will kill me. But take a look. None of the photos had her paintings in them.

    xxproud mom

  16. what a photogenic home! so many lovely vingettes. and I just love the tile in the entry!

  17. Fabulous house. Love all the artwork. Thanks for taking us on this tour.

  18. The house looks fabulous Mom!!

    -Claire (the non artistic daughter)

  19. Claire... the really smart engineer daughter.

  20. wow! so pretty....i love how good she is w/ accessories. will she come to my house!

  21. Whoa, what an amazing home! I LOVE the breakfast nook with the glass lamp and black and white striped shade- just stunning. You are right, she is amazing at layering. Love this!

  22. marybeth, you have such a gift! your home is beautiful - both inside and outside. and lucy, wonderful photographs.
    love to you!

  23. What a beautiful home. The photographs are fabulous and show a home that reflects the owners' heart and soul, as well as talent! I used to live in Dallas and am familiar with the feel of this style of home - just love it! Thanks so much for sharing.

  24. Oh how beautiful -- all of it! Don't think anyone has asked, but where did your living room sofa come from? Thank you so much for sharing.

  25. Hi Kimberly,
    The living room sofa came from Vintage Living, Lisa Luby Ryan's shop in Dallas. Mecox Gardens also carries it, and my all time favorite shop Constantine on Yonge street, in Toronto. The linen slipcover helps me be more relaxed about real life happening.

  26. That is an amazing pool. It is refreshing to see a pool that looks like a part of the natural landscape.


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