Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Etsy Love

Do you ever shop on Etsy? Most of you know you can get great artwork on Etsy, but you can also get a lot more.

Need a bag? Try Mims Maine

You pick your fabric and have a bag made. I wonder if they would be willing to forget the bag and make me a couple of pillows out of this? Pillows have to be easier than that bag!! That little birdie would make me happy..I think. Anyone have the scoop on my little feathered friend? I think it is Schumacher. I need to do some research.

Or what about some pillows from Karen Hilton Design's. Very clever don't you think? And just my colors! $66

The Queen never looked so good!!
I think I originally saw these on so
meone else's blog. If it was yours speak up and I'll give you full credit.

Want something a little more traditional? What about Chiang Mai Dragon from Plum Cushions?

Love this from Lee Jofa.

Plum Cushion will also custom make you a pillow out of Kelly Wearstler's Imperial Trellis. Stop by and take a look.

Now how about this ironing board cover to brighten your laundry room?

At only $24 it is a lot of bang for your buck and it would cheer you up as you slaved over your dirty clothes. City Chic Country Mouse.

And don't forget Etsy has clothing. Great, handmade, original pieces.

I am still on the search for the perfect tunic and right now I am loving this one from Pamela Tang.

It reminds me of the painting smocks I use to wear as a kid. I think it would be perfect with a tee or turtleneck. I also think it would make me feel hip and that is not always easy to do with three kids, a Suburban and bouffy hair!! Check out Pamela's site here.

That concluded today's tour or Etsy. Hope you enjoyed it!!!

Marybeth's home tour tomorrow. I promise. I have seen the pictures and you are not going to want to miss it!!


  1. fun! I could get in trouble with pillows and ironing board covers...look forward to tomorrow- I love home tours!

  2. Oh my goodness. What a find. Plum Cushion you are the best.
    I also really like the Etsy painter's smock. I think that it would look very hip on a cute mom with carpool duties.

  3. I would so get the ironing board cover..... if I had an ironing board.

  4. Tammy: You don't own an iron? What is your secret?

  5. Great finds - that first bag is awesome.

  6. I am dying to see what you found at the big green warehouse sale last week. I sent a friend that just moved to Jacksonville. She had a blast and came away with lots of treasures.

  7. that tunic has "Sissy" all over it- you should get it. Don't you start picking out your birthday presents about now anyway so Bill can beat the Christmas rush?

  8. I need a new ironing board cover and these ones are so cute, what a great idea to spice up a dull chore. Off to check them out, thanks!

  9. Ohhh love the Etsy plug. I can sit on there for hours's unhealthy really...
    XX KAte

  10. I love Etsy!!!! Love the pillows you picked and I definitely need that purse!

  11. I absolutely love Etsy! And those ironing board covers are too cute!

  12. I wish I had found your blog earlier! I just came across it when your post on silhouettes came up in a search, and now I see all of these pillows - exactly what I spent a loooong time on etsy today looking for. I even came across the same Karen Hilton ones you included!

    I am looking for a yellow pillow in the same pattern as the ironing board cover but couldn't find anything in the pattern to start my search. It's normal to match your throw pillows to the ironing board cover that-I-must-have-now, right?

  13. haha, I iron on my worktable ! I'm so glad you got Mr. Peacock and you're making your own pillows !!


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