Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sasha Emerson

I first saw Sasha Emerson's work in Cottage Living. You will probably recognize some of the pictures below. I recently found her website and decided to share some of her work.

I picked a few of my favorite rooms
and they all ended up being children's rooms.

They have such a playful, cozy look about them that I love.

The mix of patterns and colors is really appealing to me right now. I thought it would be fun to decorate a room using these pictures as an inspiration.

I would start with this great quilt found on Ebay.

Add some fun sheets with fabulous trim and...

mix in stripes to keep it interesting.

A few animal pillows to add some personality.

Vintage suitcases from Ebay to store all the little treasures (usually from Happy Meals) kids seem to collect.

A striped rug from Dash and Albert to soften the room.

And a couple of pieces of art to finish off the room.

Painting from Ebay.

So what do you think? Do you like it? Only problem? I love all my finds, but it just doesn't seem appropriate for Butterball. I found the quilt first and just went with it. I will have to go back and pick some more boyish items. Poor kid...I already dress him like a girl. Now I am trying to decorate his room like a girl. Does anyone know a good therapist?


  1. funny girl. How great- I love everything. Maybe you could just change C's room instead!!

  2. I love all the bright colors and the art on the walls!

  3. definetly too girlie!!! is he out of pastels yet?

  4. Therapist to the rescue! Perhaps you can do what I did... I have a boy and a girl and my girl resisted the girlie look after 12... so I gave myself an office/creativity room. You can keep the girlie things and playful patterns you love then! For Butterball, I think you would enjoy doing somewhat of a theme room around either vintage toys or boy things! You can still keep the colorful and playful atmosphere. I picked bugs for my son's room... it was really fun... he's 24 now... and I don't think I damaged him too much lol.

  5. great room and inspiration. love it!

  6. I love that quilt and the animal pillows!

  7. yes too girlie. maybe if you changed out the pink stripes for navy and incorporated something tough like black and threw in a fun colorful striped rug, threw around more green and orange instead of pastels then you might have a winner. just find more masculine versions of all that you picked.

  8. I love her work! Thanks for sharing it with us. Also, I wanted to remind you that your City Escapes series will be up tomorrow. Make sure to add a link on your page.

  9. Her work is so family friendly. I love it! The room you put together is darling and I LOVE Dash and Albert rugs.

  10. Oh, I love these interiors! The bright colors are great. I love your picks, but the pinks do suggest girl... Who ever made pink a girl color anyway? My son's fave color is "mink"!

  11. I think the bright colors are great!

  12. I have the exact same set of suitcases! I picked up one on Cape Cod and a friend picked up the other in Maine! How fun is that!

  13. Well, my husband googled me at 2 in the morning (no logical explanation!) and sent me your 'homage'. Thanks for the support...
    I am crazy about those sheets, but would agree you have gone a little 'girly'. This is said lovingly as both the mother of three girls, and someone who would turn any boy's room into Halston's boudoir!

  14. hello, i am sasha's daughter. her email is

    if you love her work so much then email her!


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