Friday, July 31, 2009

Boo II

We had a great time on the Walking Ghost Tour last night. Except for the part when our guide said he didn't feel well and went off into the bushes. Oh, it's part of the show, right? I bet he is coming back dressed as a pirate or a ghost. Nope, he really was sick. That is one ghost tour my kids and their cousins will never forget. Me? I'm trying to forget...

Speaking of ghosts, did you enter the contest for the Philippe Starck Baby Ghost chair? If not, go here.

Decor Pad
People either love the Ghost chair or hate it. Me? I love it.

Elle Decor

I have two in my dining room at either end of a farm table. The other chairs are very traditional so I love the mix of the lucite.

Atlantis Home
I have had them for over three years and they still bring me joy. My mother-in-law helped me get them for Christmas one year.

Style Redux
I ordered them from Germany and they showed up in giant boxes crammed in the back of the mail truck. Truck may be too big a word for what the mailman drives.

The City Sage
The mailman wasn't nearly as excited as I was. I was jumping for joy. He was huffing and puffing. Sometimes I don't think he likes me very much.

David Netto

For the first year I lived in fear that a bill would show up from the customs department saying I owed a duty tax. I don't worry as much now. Certainly if there were a tax they would have billed me by now. Right?

Since I already have the Mama and the Papa chair I would love to add the baby chair to my home.

It would be perfect for me...I mean Butterball. And if he should grow tired of it, I could use in the entrance hall with a stack of books or in the bathroom with some towels.....

So what about you? Love it or not so much?


  1. The ghost chair is growing on me. And it sounds like you had quite the time on the ghost tour. I went on one of those in Scotland, and had a blast.

  2. Oh my gosh, I am laughing about the tour guide. Well, maybe not so much as he was probably really ill, but how strange is that?! As you know, I adore my ghost chairs!! Larry used to torture me by saying he didn't want plastic {PLASTIC!!} chairs that look like they come from Wal-Mart{what is wrong with this man?!}, but I think he was kidding since he gave me two for our anniversary last year...hope he was kidding, or he has some serious design problems.

  3. Just to be clear, the giveaway is for the child's version of the chair - not the adult version.

  4. OMG, you poor thing! That tour would have turned me ghostly white for sure! I used to not "get" lucite, and then one day, I flipped a switch and I LOVE ghost chairs! LOVE them! Sadly, I have no kiddo to put into a baby chair, so I'll have to let someone else have it :-)

  5. love, love, love it! that first image is right up my alley. Have a great weekend.

  6. dying laughing about the tour guide- what a tour to remember :)

    Post pics of your ghost chairs- I cant get enough of them-love love love the ghost

  7. they had a walking ghost tour in memphis. but it was really creepy because some of the "ghosts" had only become ghosts like 5 years ago (ie. Memphis has a high crime/murder rate)it totally creeped me out. one of the sites was in the building right next door to my office. you want to hear about black and white ghosts, not modern ghosts.

  8. Gohosts & gushing!!! Well it was suppose to be eerie...
    My UPS guy love/hates me...he gets to drive up the mountain, lug the boxes up then a driveway but I always have ice cold tea & popsicles awaiting him. I feel guilty..a little.

  9. Loved seeing all those Ghost Chairs... great images that you found!

  10. Oh I love them. They have been on want list FOREVER. I am jealous you have them!

  11. I love it! I really, really want one, but can't find one for a price I like! :)

  12. I love the ghost chairs. I do not own any yet, but I will someday!I would love a couple of them to mix with some other chairs at my dining table.The photo of the farm table with the chairs with the shaggy rugs draped in the seats is wonderful - sort of over the top fun!! Also, I loved your post on Rashida Jones, and I hope you get to fill your house with African headdresses one day, if you want to!! I am adding you to my blog list - thanks for your visit!!


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