Friday, June 5, 2009

TGIF Part 3

It's Friday! This week really flew by. Once again, while reading blog after amazing blog, I collected a few pictures that really stood out and made me happy. Hope they bring you some design joy as well.

picture from My Favorite and My Best

I love this first picture, but it gets even better...

They show you the same room from a different angle. I think it changes the whole feeling of the room. Let's see, I like blues and greens with pops of white, I like cow hides and mercury glass..yes this room really appeals to me.

picture from James Merrell.

Simply Seleta had some photos from James Merrell on her blog yesterday so I decided to check out his web site. You have got to check out his photos. Go. Go now. Just make sure to come back. I am not finished with you! Click here.
I loved this photo because it is so my life. Even when I think I have got it all together and going on there is probably someone running around without their clothes on. And there is a good chance they are dirty and fighting with their siblings. And there is even a better chance I am not handling it as well as the mom in the picture!

John Derian's Desk picture from Urban Sardines

I love creative clutter. I would love to sit at this desk and peek (doesn't peek sound so much better than snoop?) through all his pictures and swatches and doodles.

Palmer Weiss picture from Katedid

This picture just makes me happy! I love the blue paisley wallpaper and fabric. Love the pop of pink. It all just works without being too matchy. You know I am still working on that myself..not being too matchy.

Michael Stars picture from Two Ellie

Just a cool, cute outfit.
It is the kind of outfit that really appeals to me. This is how I picture my style in my head (not necessarily in reality), a long dress or skirt, not too dressy, a little bohemian..O.K. my friends are probably cracking up right now. But I can pretend can't I?

O.K. that's it for this week.

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. That IS your style. I ADORE the Palmer Weiss picture from Katiedid and wish she'd put more more more on her website. It kinda made me think of the feel you might be going for in C's room. Well, don't you just know I'd love to have that room for either of my girls, but I thought of Eloise b/c she's getting older. How about that mirror?! And the first two pictures you put up just make me feel happy. LOVE that room. Happy week-end. M.

  2. Wow amazing pictures that I had not seen before. I must add my favorite and my best to my blog roll so I can be update with her pictures.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  3. The first 2 rooms are very bright and cheerful- love them! and the photo of the little boy- you would need to add toy swords and numchucks to complete the picture LOL and I don't remember you looking that relaxed either!

  4. I love the photos and the style in that last one, as well! I'd love to be able to pull it off, maybe that can be a goal for the summer!

  5. I love that white skirt in the last photo - it looks so cool and comfortable for summer. Have a great weekend!

  6. I love that idea of posting from different blogs--I see so many inspiring posts during the week that I always kind of want to repost them in case they got missed! I LOVE the James Merril photo and the room from Katiedid is totally adorable! Thanks for the continued inspiration and happy weekend!

  7. That was such a fun post to read! Enjoy your love... laugh.

  8. great pictures today - the picture of the girl is a great image - love the top

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