Thursday, June 4, 2009

Big Green Warehouse - Good Stuff

As promised, I finally have more pictures of all the good stuff we found at the Big Green Warehouse. Sadly, I didn't buy anything but the two vases I showed you on Tuesday. Why didn't I buy more? Did I mention my babysitter canceled and I had Butterball with me? Kind of puts a damper on the whole shopping thing. But I have to say he was the best baby boy ever! He even won an award for being so good. (O.K. I made that up but he really deserved an award!)

Luckily, my friend Michele found several great pieces...

Turquoise Vases $15

Recognize the blue vases? Yes, I have some just like them and it makes me happy that Michele wanted some too. Don't they look fabulous? Love them with the colors in the painting! I know you should not get joy from material items, but I swear if you are ever feeling down, these will pick you right up.

White Console $150
Love it with the turquoise blue lamp.

Mirror $225
(I think)
The Big Green Warehouse can be a tough place. Michele originally wanted the bright blue mirror just like this, but several women rushed over to it and camped out while they twiddled their thumbs trying to decide if they wanted it. It was torture for Michele and, in the end, they bought it. A nice man working there went through the rest of the boxes (about 22), but no more blue!
Don't feel too bad for Michele; the high gloss white is pretty awesome!

Glass Balls $15-$25

These were actually from a store in Wilmington, Airlie Moon. They remind me of some Japanese fishing buoys that I have been bidding on on Ebay. I love how they look all grouped together.

Now the Big Green Warehouse is a happening place. Last Friday was especially hopping. We saw Tracy, Wendy, Ann, Cindy, and Robin. I have been telling people to get there early and when Michele and I drove up around 9:30 (we got a late start, it may have been my fault but let's not point fingers) we saw several friends, cars packed, heading home. Yep, Laura, Lou and Laurie were definitely the early birds! And they got some good worms...

Stainless Steel Planter $200

You can't tell from this picture, but this is pretty big and totally fabulous. It is also on casters. It was originally a table base, but Laura is going to use it as a planter. Brilliant! Even better? She got two. The only two!

Snake skin chair $95
Pretty cool, huh?

She got several in white and one in black. She has them around her kitchen table and it looks great. I will have to go back and get pictures of her house. You would love it!

Red Cow-Hide Stool $45

Industrial Chic Bar Stools
Laurie bought two of these as well as...

This awesome cork ottoman $45
It is about three feet around and such a deal!

I am telling you, they had two cars packed to the gills with great finds. Next time I am getting Butterball up early!!!

I spent a lot of time outside the Big Green Warehouse with my little buddy. You know what? It is O.K. because I need to save my money for my trip to Atlanta next week!

All in all it was a great morning and of course we got a treat. Arby's for the ride home!

Hope y'all can make it for the next sale!


  1. ooh, the awesome snakeskin chairs and cork ottoman were long gone by the {early!} time we got there. Please do show pictures of your friend's house! All your friends'houses, for that matter! I love to peek!! That was so much fun- thank you for taking me!!

  2. I really like that white mirror Michele got-saw something kinda like it in a Pottery Barn catalog-but more ornate and more expensive! And I would take that baby in the last picture...he is too cute!

  3. Oh I must go to this. It sounds amazing! How often do they have a sale?

  4. Ah! This is torture! I want to be there with you. What great finds!

  5. I agree with Marianne -- this IS torture! I love those blue vases, and the ones you grabbed too. Might have to mail you some cash the next time you go.

    Also -- I spotted some fakey Jap fishing bouys at HomeGoods last week -- I think they were $25. They had stupid stands with them, but of course they could be discarded. I thought they were cool but didn't know what they were until I saw some real ones in a shop later that day for MUCH more.

    AND thank you so much for the super-sweet award!

  6. The cork ottoman is a really interesting piece...there are many interesting pieces really. You are so lucky to have such a place near by.

    Tricia - Avolli

  7. Oh, that was slightly tortuous! Such great finds for SOOO CHEAP!!!! I love the mirror and the white console... and the blue vases--drool!!!!

  8. This cork ottoman is perfection! I'm so envious that to whomever is the proud new owner.


  9. It's funny I just happened upon your blog today...I love the design workshop sales, unfortunately I've missed the last couple. I recognize a lot of the pieces your friend picked-up. I even have the cow hide stool, but in brown.

  10. I just found your blog today! So the style of everything you've posted. The Big Green Warehouse sounds fabulous! Is there a website?

  11. the big green warehouse looks like an amazing place to spend lots of big green cash! love all the blue/aqua items...i'm a sucker for those.

  12. where is this big green warehouse? Do you have their contact info? Thanks.

    Miranda chiu


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