Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shine On

Hope you are having a nice quiet day. Me? As you read this I am driving to Atlanta. In a car with 3 children. For seven hours. We can't all be sitting quietly at our computers gazing at lovely design inspiration. But as long as you are here I wanted to show you something fun...

The California home of Susan and Russell Ortiz from Shine Home Design Company.

The black and white print is a detail shot of fabric Susan had enlarged.

Blue, green, yellow and white....all my favorites!! I am loving the ..the..I don't know, what is it? Faux fireplace? I guess you don't have to know what something is to love it.

Master bedroom. Bed frame is from Shine Home. Love the wallpaper, boxes, lamp, dog...

Bright orange sofa from Shine Home.

Ultra cool, but maybe a little too mod for me. I'm not quite hip enough to cook in this kitchen.

I have been debating these chairs from Ikea. Does anyone have them? Thoughts? Feelings? Now wasn't that a fun home tour? You can see more from Shine Home here.
Don't worry about me. I am sure we have stopped several times by now. We are probably all nice and full from Slim Jims, Cheetos, Air Heads and other fine cuisine found on the road between Wilmington and Atlanta!


  1. Such a beautiful selection of images with incredibly vibrant colour and design. Fabulous!!

  2. I do love this home. Such fun use of color.

  3. Never mind getting the chairs by the pool- get the dog! You need more chaos!

  4. I love how their outfits coordinate with the room colors.
    Have a great trip!

  5. FUN house. You're on your way to your big trip! I know you'll have so much fun, and I can't wait to see what you get. I will be in blog withdrawal on my trip. Have fun!! Wish I were there with you! xoM.

  6. love all the citrus colors! Yum!

  7. That master bedroom wallpaper!!!! Makes me rethink my vibrant green scene I've been mulling.


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