Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Imelda Marcos Shoe Contest

I was looking around today and saw a fun post at Everything LEB. She decided to take a risk and buy some fun gladiator sandals for summer. Well, it just so happens that I bought a pair of gladiator sandals yesterday. Big news? Probably not to you, but I have only bought one pair of sandals in the past 2 years. I just couldn't find anything that made me happy. My cute 16 year old neighbor had some fabulous sandals and I looked all over Atlanta for sandals as cute as Lillie's. Coming home empty handed, I made the call. "Lillie, do you mind if I buy some shoes just like yours? Pretty please. I think they will make me very happy." Bless her, she gave me the O.K. We don't usually end up at the same parties. And I don't usually call for approval before making purchases, but I didn't want to take the shine off her new shoes by having the older neighbor next door (me) getting the same shoes. I was afraid I would make them uncool.

So? What do you think?

Pretty cute huh?
Well the fun's not over yet because wouldn't you know it, I found another pair of sandals I loved the same day! The shoes gods were on a roll.

You've just got to get while the gettings good.

It may not happen again for two years.

All this shoe joy got me you have a favorite pair of sandals?
Well, lets see them. E-mail me a picture if you already own them, or if it is a pair you want, e-mail me the web site or a link. I would love to do a post with all our favorite shoes. E-mail:
Even better, let's make this a contest. I will award a fabulous prize to one lucky shoe owner so get those pictures in and make sure to mention your blog if you have one. Contest ends Sunday June 21st.

Don't forget to hop over to Everything LEB to see where this all started.


  1. I LOVE your two new pair of shoes...they are so cute! Both look great with your jeans rolled up like that. Oh, and I adore the zebra rug too :)

    I think my favorite pair of sandals are the ones I wore yesterday, the gladiator ones.

  2. the gladiator sandals look really cute on you! But the other ones of course are quicker to put on-and I'm all about convenience!!

  3. Oh they are adorable! Both of them. With shoes you just know the right ones when you see them and that just doesn't happen every day so congratulations.

    I'm IN on the contest and will email you shortly. I know exactly which shoes to share. Whats the deadline?

    Tricia - Avolli

  4. I love them both! Sadly, it's always freezing in my office in the summer so I hardly ever wear sandals :-( ...I'll just have to live shoe-vicariously through you!

  5. I could not love the first pair more! So cute!!!

  6. I love both of them!! Such fun finds.

    What a fun contest!

  7. Both pairs are truly awesome.!! Those gladiator sandals are my most favorite. Would be great for summer.


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