Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cousin Swap and Crafts

Did I tell you we had a cousin swap when I was in Atlanta? We do it every summer. Usually all three sisters and their kids participate. This year was a little different. Since I was just in Atlanta, I left Doodle and Butterball with my sister and brought my 9 year old nephew home with me to play with Peanut. Yep, no Butterball for 5 days. I miss him and Doodle terribly, but I have gotten a lot done. I finished one project that had been lingering for 6 months. I am thrilled with the outcome and will show you soon. We swap back tomorrow. I am going to try to squeeze one more project in....

picture from House Beautiful

Did you get as excited as I did when you saw this picture? This is so me!! The brown, the blue the unexpected cork it! I read in the article that the designer made the frame herself!! I have a giant cork board from Pottery Barn. It is so is black. Life would be better if it looked like this. Do I dare try to remake my bulletin board? Do you think she just used plaster of paris? Any hints? Where's Eddie when I need him? Does it look too much like something you might see in Beetle Juice?
Did you notice I changed the look of my blog? Do you like the blue? I love it but now my header blends in..not sure if I will keep it this way but it is a fun change.


  1. That is a great looking room-love the brown and blue together-and the pedastal table. Have no earthly idea how to make that type of frame.....but you'll figure it out-you always do! And did you leave the spatula for your sister in case Butterball spills the strawberry shampoo on the carpet??

  2. You can never go wrong with a brown/blue/white combination. I wish I had some advice on how to make that frame, but I'm stumped.
    I like the blue!

  3. OMG that is fun looking... looks a little like something out of a dr seuss book... whimsical and beautiful.

  4. You can totally make that project! I made something similar by covering a corkboard with some lovely Amy Butler fabric and then framing it... not sure how the funky fab frame in your picture was made tho ;-( Maybe Martha Stewart has something similar--she often has cool projects that can be reworked...

  5. I love that board, I want to look for a frame like it to make my own. Love the new blue background too, very summery

  6. First thought was love it second thought was...hey it kind of looks like the sculptures in Bettlejuice!!! No lie...especially since it was on t.v. last week & I watched it!!!!
    and no it still fabulous. Go for it!!!
    and yes I noticed the blue immediately & its crisp summery yummy.

  7. LOVE the blue background. Sissy, I'm pretty sure she said what material she used- did she say plaster? Maybe Plaster of Paris ould be easier. I love it. I love your big old corkboard, too, though.

  8. I agree, love this image too. Aqua, chocolate and white are fabulous together.
    It would be fun to find an oversized coral frame to turn into a cork board. I'll let you know if I come across anything.


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