Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ali Wentworth Fan Club

I know I may be getting a little carried away with Ali Wentworth and soon I may have to start a fan club. I'll come up with a handshake and an official poster. While you wait take a look at these...more pictures from her home in Georgetown. Last week I only had the girls' bedroom and the powder room. This week thanks to Elle Decor and La Dolce Vita I have pictures of the rest of the house.

I love the African Feather head dress. They do seem to be
popping up everywhere, but I still want one.
If you too want one, you can get it

Great collection of coral and shells.

Thank goodness for that pink pouf....

It's just about the only bit of color I see.


Tattered chair? I like it.
With 8 year old twins and a 17 month old most of my
looks like this. If it is the new style, I am all for it!

Master bedroom....

Are you still with me? Are you a little surprised? I am. It is a beautiful house but where is all the color? After the vibrant fuschia girls' room I was expecting something different...not better so much as just different. I needed some color so I went to the decorator's, Elizabeth Martin's, website and found a treat: Ali's old house that I have been searching for. See, it is not a waste of time to spend hours surfing the web....

O.K. Maybe I should say I think it is her house, but if not,
someone else has the
picture of her daughter hanging over
their sofa (and that would be just plain weird).

I like this kitchen...soft colors...not too much going on.

Love this entry. I think that blue carpeting going up the
stairs is a great touch.
And the chandelier...true love!

Girls' Room. This looks more like Ali to me. Like I know her so well. But the vintage touches and bright colors have a more youthful feel to them.

Alright. There you go. More than you probably ever wanted to see of Ali Wentworth's and George Stephanopolous's houses. I will leave these poor people alone for now...


  1. I love it. I can never get enough of good design.

  2. Just discovered your blog and think it's great!

    Thanks for posting on this article. I just read it yesterday when I actually had a minute to read a magazine while my daughter had a dentist appointment. Such a lovely home...

    Tricia - Avolli

  3. Your bedroom is beautiful. When I saw it on Oprah, I told myself that's it! My room is set up the same way but I just didn't know what to pick for color and what to do with the big windows. Awesome job and very lovely.


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