Thursday, June 28, 2018

Beach Photography

Hey guys! Hope your summer is off to a good start!! I have been busying moving into a new office and trying to spruce things up a little bit. I would love nothing more than a giant Gray Malin photograph to help cover a sad, sad wall. His work is amazing.

White brick LA office

Neon umbrella swirls in Barcelona // Gray Malin


My Decorating Style

But sadly it is not in my budget so I have been searching for an alternative and found an amazing substitute until my ship comes in..

Beach Days in Monterosso By Rebecca Plotnick

Beach Print
28 x 42 framed with mat...Yes, that price includes framing!!!
Plus with code FRIENDS you can save 20%
You can check out her other work at Pottery Barn here
and her Etsy Store
She has incredible photographs!!!
Can't wait to show you what I am getting!!


  1. What a great find for a substitute! Love it! Good luck with the move!

    P.S. are we the only bloggers still at it these days? Hah!

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  5. Do you follow Hank Carter’s photography?! It’s aerial shots of Wilmington & WB similar to Gray Malin, but a fraction of the cost!!!

    1. I don't follow him but I'm going to check him out right now, thank you!!

  6. Very soothing and cool images.


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