Monday, November 6, 2017

Fall Fashion

 Time for some fall fashion updates. 
I LOVE a good pair of cropped flare jeans. In fact I have been living in my white cropped jeans since this summer (thank you Cats B. for the tip) I loved them so much I also bought them in black and may go back for the blue denim. They look good with flats, boots and heels. I have spent a pretty penny on jeans lately but my most favorite pairs are from Old Navy. Surprising, right??

Image result for street style cropped flare jeans

Image result for street style cropped flare jeans

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Image result for street style cropped flare jeans

I have to warn you, if you follow the link below to Old Navy you will be disappointed. Dreadful styling. Don't let the red pumps - why oh why - scare you away. And the awkward stance in the picture with the black denim might make you want to pass these by...don't!! My sister has gotten two pairs and several friends have purchased them as well. I promise you will like them...or at least I am pretty darn sure. Check them out and let me know what you think!!

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PS When I was typing this up yesterday afternoon the white was sold out but I am hoping they might have some in stores or even restock them. I do have a thing for white denim mixed with black for winter. 

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  1. Would you suggest the regular or petite length? I am 5'6". The pics on Old Navy website look a little on the long side and not as cropped as the inspiration pics in your post. Thanks in advance. Stephanie

  2. Stephanie,
    I got the regular length in the black and white and they are definitely short BUT I do think the blue look longer on the website. I haven't gotten the blue yet so I am not sure of the true length. Hope they work for you!!


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