Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Clay's Room

Last weekend we took Clay to school. He handled it better than I did. It's his second year so I should be used to it, right? But he's only in 11th grade, a mere junior in high school. I thought I would have him at home for a few more years. He's happy so I am trying to be a big girl about it. 

But one of the things that really bugs me is his room. I get that he doesn't care how it looks, but I care! I tried to explain to Clay and Bill how much joy one decorative pillow would bring me. You won't even see it, they said. But I will know it's there, I replied. They rolled their eyes and we left without one damn decorative item except for a sad rug. You can only argue for so long in the aisles of Target before you have to give up. 

I wasn't even going to do that much. One pillow, a great rug, beanbag chair for lounging, better desk chair and a few knick knacks. No big deal.

So based on the duvet cover he has from Ikea I came up with a few items I would like to use to fix up his sad little room. The pillow I really like sold but I found another good one!

That's not so bad is it???

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