Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Update

So..on my mind....

Me Before You.. The Movie
Trailer here
Take a deep breathe, we can get through this together. 
See, if you read the book you will know that while you think she is changing his life...he is changing her life (loud sobbing in the background).    
My favorite part? The bumblebee tights. 
What was your favorite part? 

After I watch this movie I will probably need a little pick me up...

And I am loving these shoes...aren't they...I don't know...perfect?
They would look great with this dress, dress, top  dress
But I am not just about the high dollar items...
you could look just as fab in this, this or this

Get shopping and happy weekend!!


  1. yes, bumble bee tights were the best part!


  2. I noticed today that you commented on one of MFAMB's paintings. Then I saw that Gathered has it hanging in their shop. Thought you'd like to know. I happen to follow (via the internet, not phone) all your Instagram accounts.

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  6. I like the cover of this movie it looks sweet and romantic.. hope there's a part 2.