Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tulum Twins

I have been meaning to post more on Tulum but life got in the way. 
Lately I have been asked how we picked Tulum as our spring break destination and I always say I heard about it from my friends. And by friends I mean friends I know from People Magazine and Entertainment Tonight. While I didn't see any movie stars while on vacation I did see a celebrity blogger - Marlien from Le Catch. Actually, it was her twin sister (they were both in Tulum at the same time I was) but I was still super excited and of course had to go up and say hello.

If you don't know her she is one of the top fashion bloggers with crazy good style. 
And the best part? She bought the same shirt I did!!

Marlien modeling our shirt...isn't it great??!!
It's like I am the third twin...

Check out her blog - Le Catch

Get the Look: Here  Here Here Here

1 comment :

  1. What fun! Blogger siting is almost more fun than a celebrity siting. Almost. Love the top and I love that you're back to blogging again! I missed ya!


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