Monday, August 18, 2014

There May Be Progress

The fabric sample from this post came in and....

It's not quite right!! I am so sad. I am sure you can't tell from this excellent photo but the blue is just not right. I love all blues but this is more Wedgewood blue and not a crisp blue. Also interesting to note, the fabric sample on the left is indoor/outdoor fabric and is much whiter and brighter (fascinating, right?), I love it more than the linen but not enough to use it. The search continues....

And after this post

I ordered myself a little sample of this beauty,
Don't really have a spot in mind but I just wanted a little piece because you never know when you might want to copy Hootie's house

I am also on the hunt for the perfect blue for two chairs in my living room because....

Pool Blue & White at the Beach via Thou Swell

A little or a lot of blue in the living room will make me happy!!!

i suwannee maybe I'll go with the blue...
pics here

Does it make you happy too? 
Hope so!


  1. Thank you Blue Hydrangea for posting about one of our parent firms' project, Collins Interiors. We feel the love!

  2. And please share when you find the perfect blue fabric for your chairs! I'm looking also & would love some inspiration!


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