Friday, July 11, 2014

Pin-teresting Story

Did you notice I have a "Pinterest Follow Me" link on my blog now? See, it's over there on the right. It's not exactly what I had in mind but don't tell Bill. He worked for like an hour getting that up and running. 

And I have been busy pinning are some of my favs...

Polaroid / Instagram wall

The funny thing is, Bill joined Pinterest to see if the following button was working...

Paint swatch surfboard at Design Shop via @HonestlyWTF. #SLdesignshop #serenaandlily

And now all his friends have gotten a notification that he has joined Pinterest. 

Spring / summer - street style - beach style - belted oversized shirt over shorts + panama hat + large bag

Which is really funny if you know Bill. He's just not a Pinterest type of guy. 
I know a lot men are on Pinterest which is great, it's just so not Bill.
I guess he could pin building materials and blueprints.

vine covered mini house!!

This may be the last time he helps with my blog...we'll see...
Happy Friday!!

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