Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

We thought we would take the kids to Asheville for a short vacation. Do some white water rafting, visit the Biltmore, stroll around Asheville etc. My sister suggested Hotel Indigo.

Hotel Indigo - Urban soul meets southern charm.
Doesn't that description sound perfect? Like me and my new Birkenstocks would fit right in? I was so excited until I tried to make a reservation - guess what? You can't book a normal room for a family of five. They say it is a fire code violation, but I checked into that. It is NOT a fire code violation. There is one penthouse available for a hefty cost and is not available the dates we need. So I asked about connecting rooms, not an option. What about two rooms? Yes, I can book two rooms but they will not guarantee them to be side by side or even on the same floor. And it is not only the Hotel Indigo, we run into this problem all the time! We are not the Duggers. I don't need a room for 19 kids, just a normal family of five. And I want a nice hotel where someone will fix me oatmeal and crispy bacon for breakfast and make my bed while I am out rafting. 

Looks like we will be heading to Homewood Suites...
Has anyone else run into this problem?


  1. Aren't most hotels a king or a double? What would your sleeping arrangements be for 5?

  2. Yes, we lie. We do it all the time. We cannot always afford two rooms. We just can't. It gets expensive with hotel taxes etc... We tell them four and they never check how many people are there. Sometimes we ask for a rollaway. Sometimes, there is a sofa one of the boys sleeps on. Sometimes, Kate share with me and Dave. Sometimes on of the kids sleeps on the floor (on cushions). I hate lying but this is one of the times we do it.


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