Thursday, December 5, 2013

So Sad...Too Bad For Me, Good For You

 I agonized over buying a new pair of Frye Boots..they ain't cheap. Once I decided I needed them I agonized over the size. I am afraid Zappos is going to ban me from shopping with them since I ordered and sent back several pairs of boots. I am always between a 7 and a 7 1/2. 

I decided the 7 1/2 was my best option. I wore them ONCE, yes ONCE and have decided they are too big!!! I feel sick! Yes, I could keep them and wear big socks, but I would rather sell them at a loss and get a pair that fits better. I hate waste and once I find the right boot, right size, I will wear them for years, so they need to be perfect. 

And here they are...perfect in every way!!

I am putting them on Ebay, but wanted to offer them to my readers first. They are such a fabulous pair of boots and I want them to go to a good home, to someone who loves boots, jeans, camo and lots of accessories. Retail $348
I am selling my practically brand new
 Size 7 1/2 Frye Melissa Button Boots in Cognac for $240.00 (What a deal!!)
Shipping: $15
Interested? e-mail me at


  1. Best boots EVER!!! I've had them for years and they're so comfortable and perfect with jeans or dresses. Someone needs to snap these up!! And you're right to get the perfect size, Sissie!

  2. I also agonized over the purchase of this boot and once decided on the size/color could not find it anywhere!!! Finally located them in a random shoe store that would ship to me. That was 4 years ago and they are still my go to boot. I just ordered another pair of frye boots on a cyber monday sale. I hope they are as fabulous!! You are smart to get the right size... you will love them!! Good luck!!!

  3. Ahhh, bummer, but I know someone will be very grateful to buy them from you. I've got a big ole size 9/9.5 foot so won't work for me. I have two pairs of the Frye Paige (I think that's what it's called) - one in a super worn tan (I've worn holes in the soles) and the other in black. But my sister just had to return a pair for the same reason - couldn't find the right fit.

  4. just so you know-zappos will exchange those boots for you-especially if you buy the size 7 boots-you just need to tell them you wore them once and they are a bit to big-they would prefer you exchange and be happy with your purchase.....#truth

  5. Oh I've done that before with shoes and it makes me sick too! I am between a 6- 6 1/2. Boo. xoxo


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