Monday, November 11, 2013

Ninja Treats and Decor

Ninja turtle Rice Krispie treats

I should file this in my "Monkey See, Monkey Do" folder. 
Once I saw these guys on Pinterest I knew they would be perfect for Locke's birthday since he can't eat cake or cupcakes. 

And voila! Helpful hint: if you can't find your round cookie cutter and you go to three stores and still can't find one, you can use an aluminum can to cut the Rice Krispies. 
And while this was not terribly difficult it was time consuming so I decided to simplify for the treats Locke will take to school.

Store bought Rice Krispies spray painted and decorated. 

I cut a stencil out and then sprayed away... 

Have you ever used this stuff? Color Mist? It's great! The possibilities are endless.

Locke told me I was the best mom he ever had. You think it was because of all the Ninja Turtle treats? was because I ordered this...

 I am serious, I ordered this for my home!! Did you even know they made a Ninja Turtle sofa? Me either. Isn't that going to be the perfect touch in Bill's den in all it's polyester purple finest?
All I can say is that the kids are wearing me down and for $35 -$45 it was well worth it for the joy it is going to bring one little boy!!


  1. Ha ha ha. It's hideous, but I love it. But the treats are AWESOME. xo

  2. Omg those are awesome. I love that Ninja Turtles have made a comeback! I used to love them when I was little. xxoo

  3. Mother of year. Right here. Amazing.

  4. Hilarious! And impressive work mama!

  5. so I am wanting to make these for my daughters birthday. Did you use liquid or paste food color and when did you add it? also how did you make your eyes shiny? or is that just the flash from the camera making them look that way