Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Urban Myth

 Do you know what is in this box? Every Domino ever published.
They live under my bed in a box to protect them from dirt and destruction.
I still look through them and still find inspiration. 
It's been fours years since a new issue came out until now!!
Yes, it's true. I thought it might be an urban myth but I got my very own copy yesterday. 

It was such a special day I splurged and had a Peppermint Patty while reading...
It was a very good afternoon.
Have you gotten a copy yet?


  1. Every issue?!?! I am still missing a few from the original run but I also look through my copies often whenever I'm looking for inspiration. Here's the truth: I always find something new to see.

    I don't haven't bought one of the new mags yet, but I've already devoured the images on the relaunched website.

  2. Lucky girl! I would love to have a Domino collection. Cannot wait to see the new copy.

  3. You know I got it! And while I've got a lot of my old Dominos stashed away, I'm not sure I have them all and they're certainly not preserved in a plastic box - you are good!

    I, of course, enjoyed my new Domino immensely. The only thing that puzzled me was that they featured two different spaces/spreads designed by the same designers (the McGraths).

  4. Kindred spirits! I have my very own secret stash of Dominoes too that I have secured more safely than my grandmother's pearls. I need to get my hands on the new one (although I feel like I have already seen most of it online).

  5. I have every isue, too, though I did pull some pages back in the day, and even used those little stickers to flag things, so they aren't exactly mint. Picked up the new issue in NYC this weekend. Fun to have it back!

  6. I NEED this! I think I have almost every Domino...I may missed a few when it first came out. Ugh I can't wait to get this. Is it as good as it used to be???

  7. Domino published other editions: Spring/Summer 2012, Fall/Winter 2012; and Spring 2013.

  8. So jealous!!! I got rid of mine way back when. Obviously that wasn't a very good idea :(

    XO Lily


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