Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Light or Dark

OK, I think I have finally decided on grasscloth for my entrance hall. 
And I know I want blue..big surprise, huh?
But now I have to decide if I am going light or dark...

First up...Light

Light blue grasscloth wall,

Powder room! LOVE the Blue Canton china and the red lanterns!! Seagrass grass cloth by Phillip Jeffries.

Foyer - Wall molding inlaid with metallic grass cloth elegantly sharing the space with a classic side chair, antique console table and silver framed round mirror.  Sophisticated elegance.     (repinned photo only from Greg Natale - Sydney based architects and interior designers)

And next Dark...

Blue grasscloth + white wainscoting + patterned rug on stairs

I really love the navy lacquered wall with board & batten, the graphic octopus art...and the shade of wood of that sideboard goes so well with navy

They're both good, right? But which one is better?

pictures here


  1. This may come as no surprise, but I LOVE the darker!! I think it makes such an impact - it comes off as rich and luxurious. Nothing wrong with the light - it is very elegant too. Decisions are hard, but I still vote for you to go to the Dark Side!

  2. I love the dark!!!

  3. The light blue is safe and looks great. The dark is dramatic and could make a high impact. Yet, if the dark is too dark it may appear overly dramatic and close the space in. I would have to see the exact shade of dark blue before deciding. Oh well, . . .

  4. They are both gorgeous, but I think you'll never ever regret the light, when coming in the door.

  5. YAYYYYY!! I'm dying for grasscloth in our home. Do you get light in the hallway? If not, I might go for the light. Both are beautiful. I kind of lean towards the light. xoxo

  6. I agree with the last comment; it depends on the light. I have an entrance on the north side of the house and just-applied Ralph Lauren grasscloth was removed several months after the install because I couldn't handle the dark. So, look at your light and make the decision based on that.

  7. Oh I say the dark one! It's gorgeous. The light one is pretty too, but I tend to gravitate toward dark in my paint colors, etc. and I've been happy with the outcome. :)

  8. OK... I've done dark navy blue for two clients. Looks great, but if you get a lot of sun it will fade. Telltale picture frame marks and all. I am about to do a light blue grasscloth in my bedroom, and in the office of another client. I'm totally digging the softer blue. Amanda Nisbet sealed the deal for me with this room:
    (first room in second row)
    I can see all sorts of awesome color combos happening in there. I says light!

  9. Dark! Elegant and certainly makes a statement.


  10. I love them both. I guess it depends on the mood you are going for: Bright and airy or dark and cozy...either one will look great.

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  12. I am probably too late to weigh in but I prefer the light one. I love looking at the dark ones in magazines but not in real life:) Is the last photo navy lacquer? LOVE that look brings in more light (reflection). Can't wait to see what you choose.

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