Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Worries and Wilma

I am alive, just very frustrated. My computer crashed...insert super sad face. I don't understand exactly what happened and I don't really care..I just want it fixed. I feel so lost and lonely without my computer. I have been waiting on pins and needles to see what they can far no word. Right now I am on a old laptop and it is zero fun. 

On a happy note, I did get something fun in the mail...
It is a combo sandal

You combine a gladiator sandal with...

Wilma Flintstone
and you get...

Kickers Women's Djibouti W2 Sandal
These really help with my computer withdrawls


  1. Your computer woes sure stink, but those sandals are certainly chic!

  2. ALl I am hearing in my head now is Fred Flintstone screaming, "WILMAAAAA!":

    Sorry about your computer...YEAH on the sandals!

  3. Sissy, You are too funny! Computer or no computer you still have the best writing of any decorating blog bar none.


  4. hahaa Sissy!!! I LOVE your wilma sandals. Sorry about your computer. THat is no fun. Good luck xoxo


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