Tuesday, March 5, 2013

House Love

So as promised here are the rest of the pictures from the red bedroom house. I don't usually post pictures of houses that you can see for yourself on the internet...what's the fun in that? But there is just something really cool about this one. Stylish but homey. Of course, the homeowner and decorator lives in London. Don't all the cool people live in London?

I love everything about this room..including the color. 

And the artwork is amazing.

I ordered something from this room, can't wait to show you.

More of that pesky red. You stay in the red guest room and I'll stay in the blue/green guest room. Happy?

Mixed feelings here. Thoughts?

And the master bedroom again. I found a better picture so I thought I would re-post.

Do you love it too? Can you guess what I ordered?

pictures here
Originally from House and Garden UK


  1. Oh, I have long loved this house and still hoard my copy of House & Garden in which it was featured. I know you're not a red fan and I'm not a huge one either, but I like the little hits of it here and there. Oh, and did you order the sconces?

  2. Well, my first comment went into comment heaven.
    Love this house and embrace the red accents as well. How about the solid blue cording on the chevron blue couch in the sitting room? Floating my boat.
    The book cases in the indigo room look a lot like the ones you can get on

  3. Oh em can a house be so perfect?!?!? The art and textiles are insane!!! xo

  4. so completely off the subject but I love the door in that first picture. It's metal. I saw that on Million Dollar Contractor on DIY and I just love it. Totally off the subject though.

  5. Is the art in the window, 1st pic, on tall enough plinth?

    Seems to low from interior shot.

    I wonder, is it too low from outside too?

    It just shouts in a room that is, otherwise, perfection.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara


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