Monday, February 18, 2013

Time for Mickey

So, it is time to take that little one to Disney World. 
I have fought it long enough. Almost every day he asks if I have bought tickets yet and if today is a good day to go to Disney World. I am going to suck it up, put on my big girl pants and take him, damn it!!

Here's where you come in...
Any great ideas or suggestions to make my life easier? I have already checked the crowd calendar and have found a good week to go - meaning less crowds so mom will be less cranky.

This is the only picture I have on the computer from when we took Cricket and Clay, it was before the time of digital cameras. Or at least before I had  one. 
Weren't they so cute??!!

Have you been recently? Where did you stay? We have always stayed on site as we think the Monorail is half the fun, but I am open to other options. 
Did you buy the meal plan? Did you ever cry and want to come home?
Help a girl out!!


  1. Ha! Funny, we're going back sometime this summer. Email me and let me know what week you're going. We went a few years ago, but now that the kids are older (almost 11 and almost 8), they have different interests. Since I haven't been recently, I'm not sure of the best deals/places but we stayed on resort too. We used the travel agency Travel Magic to book everything because they were extremely knowledgeable about everything (and they're free to use). It's the happiest place on earth, right?? Good luck, Sissy. Butterball will be thrilled! :)

  2. Are all of you going, or is this trip to be all about him? It might affect the planning somewhat. All I can say, is use it to your advantage! When we went last, the kids were younger, and for about a month before hand, they could earn "disney dollars" toward things to be purchased in Disney. It worked for us because I knew we'd spend money anyway, and this way I got the advantage of good behavior ahead of time for the money I knew we'd spend. Have fun! I really like Disney with kids. Pace yourself, have a plan before you go and have fun!

  3. Now that I'm 58 is it safe to say I hated all of that but love my son? I suggest going when it snows or when the place is barely open such as during bad weather. Suck it up girlfriend it is a nightmare.


  4. oh,it's been ages since we took jay. does the park still even have "fast pass" anymore? those were good for us. also, I think the best advice we had was go into a park right when it opens in the a.m., go all the way to the BACK of the park (less crowded) and work your way forward.

    hope you guys have a blast. send photos!


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