Thursday, November 10, 2011

Turkish Update

I had several people e-mail questions about this picture.
1. Yes, it is my house.
2. The table is two Lack side tables pushed together
3. The Ghost chair is Locke's mini (Lou Lou) one

A few weeks ago I got a little treat in the mail...Turkish-T towels (Thank you Sue!!). After using them for several weeks I have to say I am hooked. They are fabulous!! Cotton, colorful and useful-what more could you want.

Just look at this Beach Candy Basic.
I am loving this in the blueberry...Happy, happy, Happy

I got the Basic Bath Towel, but have yet to use it for its intended purpose. Instead it has been a sarong, a beach blanket, even a scarf. I have to say the turquoise looks great with a white t and black pants.

Speak of the devil, here it is as a tablecloth. Soup night in front of the fire. My kids think it is a huge treat to eat dinner sitting on the floor in front of a fire. And it is kind of fun until you try to stand up. Don't you think my Turkish-T towel makes the best tablecloth? It gives my very traditional living room a much needed ethnic touch.

Make sure to stop by Turkish-T and get yourself a little treat!


  1. you will NOT believe this, sissy. I was just going to put out the question on my blog to see if anyone uses/knows where to get these. Just saw something on tv about turkish towels and I want to try them! thanks so much...donna

  2. Love it! I've been wanting one for a while as well. Need to go get one. Yours looks perfect as a tablecloth. And just look how you expertly styled that table. You rock!

  3. I am CRAZY about Turkish-T's. I've replaced every towel in my house because these are a) gorgeous! and b) eco-friendly! Wonderful Holiday gifts! Thanks for the post. Love your blog.
    Betsy Wills

  4. That towel is gorgeous AND a great price. I've been looking for a lightweight alternate for the beach as regular beach towels take up the entire bag. And I'm not quite so desperate that I want to seen out in public with one of those weird microfiber wicking one (but thank you hubby for the suggestion! :) .
    But this??? Perfect!

  5. What a special setting. I can see why your kids find it such a special treat!

  6. I love these - I want to wear them all as scarves! Love your little fireplace setting!

  7. Love the way you styled it! It looks great!

  8. What a great idea to do soup night in front of the fireplace. What a fun tradition! The beach towel as a tablecloth is wonderful.

  9. Towel as a tablecloth = genius. I want to join that Turkish party.

  10. What a pretty table setting - great use of the towel, and I love your fun china! Is that artichoke bowl Global Views? Its adorable.

  11. I've been wanting to get some Turkish towels! I really love Le Jacquard Francais and Garnier Thiebaut and think some bright Turkish towels would make a great addition to my collection! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Yes tables could be laid like this when you want to do something different or have a new look to the room.Lovely decor ideas here.


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