Monday, October 24, 2011

Shop with Me

Do you love to shop?

Like different and unique clothing, jewelry and accessories?

Want to go shopping with me? I have some good news for you! November 1st I am starting a new blog, Blue Hydrangea Bazaar, where I will be selling some of my favorite finds: some vintage, some new, some hand made. I am so excited but have lots to do before next week. What do you think? Ready for a shopping spree?

(Blogger is having a problem with the comment section. If you have had trouble leaving a comment recently I have changed my commenting format and hopefully fixed the problem. Because of the confusion I am extending my Novica giveaway until Wednesday. You can enter the contest here)


  1. sissy, I can't wait. so glad you are doing this. looking forward to it! donna

  2. love to shop - this should be fun!

  3. I would love to shop with you! Can't wait!

  4. Wait, you're still keeping your place at Eclectic right?!?

  5. Super great idea. I cannot wait to shop with you.

    mb from big D.

  6. Yes! Will that Chinese lamp be on your new site? Any blue and white things? Get those doors open!

  7. That is so great!! You'll have a Blue Hydrangea empire before long - like Martha Stewart!

  8. Do I love to shop???? Silly question.


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