Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dear Fall

Dear Fall,
I am sorry I didn't welcome you with open arms last month when you showed up. I like you, I really do. You have a lot going for you: sweaters, boots, fur vests, candy apples. All good stuff to be sure. It's just that you make me a little nervous. Once you arrive it means that summer is over and winter is on the way. I am scared of winter. I am scared of cold weather. So, if I seem a little hesitant, don't take it personally. Its not you. It's me.
Thanks for understanding,

What about you? Do you love Fall? Candy apples?

pictures from J Crew & Anthropologie


  1. I love fall but it never seems to last long enough around here. It seems like we go from a never-ending HOT summer to a few weeks of beautiful, "crisp" weather then cold yuckiness. I hate cold too. Love your adorable letter to fall!

  2. i love fall so much, but, yes, i too am afraid of winter - it's too long and too cold and too dark. and it would be great if it lasted longer.

  3. Boots + Irish Coffee + Mittens = Fall.

  4. Sissy, you make me laugh. I like fall when it is warm. I like the idea of fall, but the minute I'm cold I am sad and want hot weather.

  5. I miss summer when it leaves us, but I am always ready for the change in temp. I am in the mood for a fake furry vest--looks pretty fun! And LOTS of great boots this year! Miss ya, Sissy, but love my morning message every day!

  6. my favorite season. NOT sorry to see summer go. I want a pair of frye boots to celebrate! donna

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Fall. It is by far my favorite season. I actually get depressed every Fall because we do not have it here (Houston). I grew up in PA and can still smell Fall. I love the crisp air, the awesome clothes, the pumpkin-y stuff....all of it. Be glad you have fall! where I live we simply have hot summers and then warm winters.



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