Monday, September 12, 2011


Everyone is back in school...

Cricket and Clay went first..weeks ago. I say take them all..don't leave me alone to entertain the little one!!
(Cricket refuses to show her teeth when she smiles and it is driving me crazy!!)

Butterball went last last week. He got up an hour early and asked me every five minutes if it was time to go. This his reaction when I finally said yes. And for those of you who asked, he is still wearing his gobbers. Not every day, but several times a week. They now fit more like bike shorts than a bathing suit.

School is a good thing!
Happy Monday!


  1. We are experiencing back to school in our home too. With my daughter having entered kindergarten last week and my son starting the threes program in preschool this week. You son looks excited about school...and to his outfit, I say he looks perfect! Have we seen the cowhide ottoman peaking out of the photo?

  2. I absolutely LOVE that he is still wearing that suit!!! My three year old wears a full batman with muscles almost EVERY day!!!

  3. School is a very good thing.
    Cute, cute kids Sissy. Don't go worrying about your daughter not showing her teeth. The more you mention it to her, the less likely you will be to see her pearly whites.

    mb from Dallas

  4. Griffin wouldn't show his teeth either-and Chelsie wouldn't show her arm pits which is really tough when she was a hula girl for Halloween (her idea)and I dragged her thru the mall in tears. Enjoy the peace and quiet!

  5. Oh, my kids are self-conscious too. It looks like Butterball is just as excited about school starting as you are. Too cute. And, I love that he's still wearing his gobbers! Happy Monday to you. I'm off to my kids' school to volunteer for Grandparents Day.

  6. Too cute and now you can breathe a sigh of relief!!


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  7. That excitement will disappear in a few weeks. Well, at least for me it did.

  8. I LOVE school!!! And I love that he is till wearing his gobbers. You are a saint and he is precious!!!

  9. As I was reading your post I had to laugh when I saw the "gobbers". I'm surprized there not in shreds by now! Hey, he's low maintenance clothing wise and that's not a bad thing!


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