Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm Fretful

See a pattern?

All these pictures have one thing in common.

A fabulous fretwork table.

I have been working on my own little project that was supposed to go in the booth.

It's looking so good I don't know if I am going to be able to part with it.
We are doing a total booth makeover this week and this table/glamour desk was going to be the center piece. But who deserves a glamour desk more than me?

Dear God, if you really want me to part with this oh so fabulous work of art, give me a sign. Otherwise I'm keeping it!!
xo Sissy
P.S. And yes, I missed church yesterday because I was at Lowes buying white high gloss lacquer paint for the table. I did send Bill and Cricket, does that count?

Pictures from Circa Who


  1. You might want to crawl under your table so you don't get struck! Lowes instead of church? I didn't even know Lowes was open on Sunday! I better crawl under something now! Can't wait to see the table! -Ann

  2. Oh I love it!!! You did a great job with the white lacquer paint-so wish I had a place for it:)

  3. I didn't make it either ... house projects get totally addicting. Don't they? Next weekend, next weekend. The table looks fabulous though.

  4. Sissy, I'm confused. Is the top one your table? Keep it.

  5. God has extra grace for us creative types! Oh how I wish you were in nashville. by the way I am in love with porter paints wet look white. it is an oil based very glossy white.

  6. O.M.G. I am beyond, beyond, beyond in love. Is all of that yours?!! Dying, fo'real.

  7. Alright . . . where is this "booth" you speak of located? I need to shop there!!!

  8. Is the top one yours? They are all fabulous and I think it's a must keep - one of the hazards of the job. :)

  9. I definitely think it's meant to be yours! :)

  10. Sounds so glammy fab! Betting it would be sacreligious to let it go...which one is it?

  11. I covet that top table in such a way that I am ashamed to speak of it. I can't wait to see yours!!! And I can relate, it is so hard to let things go.


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