Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Old MacDonald Had a Store

Sorry if you are getting this again. Blogger was down and when it finally came back up it thankfully brought back my post it had deleted but lost all my comments!! Bummer!!

I seem to be spending a lot of time in barns these days. Ann Schutte from Birds of a Feather, took me along on a little shopping trip yesterday and we ended up in some interesting and smelly places. I would tell you where they are but: 1. I have been sworn to secrecy and 2. Ann blindfolded me which made it really hard to drive.

Our first stop was a barn-ish looking building with a smell that could wake the dead..or make you think someone had died. Seems this store was right next door to a chicken farm. We were in the country, folks.

Then it was on to a real farm. Ann was most excited.

Here I am trying to concentrate on my shopping, but some of the other customers were pushy, loud and smelly. Of course I couldn't really blame them because they were...

Pigs. Yep, no kidding. Shopping right along side of us were good ole pigs and wild boars. Do y'all have nice shopping places where you live too?

A little negotiating while wearing my favorite find of the day, a faux fur hat. Very faux. I think Ann is still disturbed I actually put it on my head. Are you grossed out? It's O.K. I can't wait to wear it in the fall. I know it will bring me lots of joy.
Are you wondering what all the shopping is for? Well my booth, of course, but also for the big Barn Sale! Ann and Hooper are having a big sale and I am joining in.

Some of Ann and Hooper's stash.

The stool, the table, the tray..I love it all. I also love how they styled everything to look fabulous.

Me? Not so much...This is a quick picture after I unloaded the car and hurried off to pick up carpool. You'll have to come to the sale to see more...

And make sure to check out Birds of a Feather for more info.


  1. what fun sissy! nothing is better than rummaging. ann's stash had a brilliant treasure if i am seeing it right; a metal farm basket turned upside down and sprayed gold??!!!

    ps; i shop with 'pigs and bores' frequently

  2. Sissy, where do you keep finding my early-marriage stuff? LOL! First it was the chrome chair and now the yellow and white lamps! I knew I shouldn't have parted with those! Your blog is such fun and you're adorable.

  3. You are too much! I must admit I have never shopped with livestock before. I would like to give it a try. And that pic of you bargaining in the barn is priceless!

    So sad I can't make it to the Barn Sale. Majorly bummed. You girls will have so much fun and hopefully make boatloads of cash!

  4. Oh how I wish you were in Nashville!

  5. Old McDonald defineatly had a store (a little too close to his stinky farm if you ask me...)Can't wait for the next field trip! -Ann

  6. Love the barn shopping! I'll have to head back to my hometown to do the same soon. Not too many barns are around here in Dallas ;)

  7. I adore that hat, Sissy, and you look fantastic in it. I want to come to that sale. Hm. I can't. Eloise would think she'd died and gone to heaven if she could shop alongside pigs. xoM.

  8. Only in the south, could you shop in a barn - with pigs! :-)
    Love the finds!

  9. Wow, that looks like some pretty fabulous stuff! The vignettes are amazing!

  10. So I'm not asking for trade secrets (and girl, that hat is so fab. And I hope you don't catch anything from it.) But-- how do you figure out which farms/barns have stuff for sale? I am trying to break out of the thrift stores, and since I live far enough away from you maybe you can share that little secret? I am so not afraid of scary, dirty, smelly!

  11. How fun! Wish I lived closer!

  12. looks like my kind of place. my mom and i always stop at those types of spots to sometimes find a jewel and sometimes some crape!

  13. These are fabulous finds! Enjoy the gorgeous start of the week, Kellie xx

  14. ha! wish i was with you all!


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