Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bat Chair Update

Thank you to all my readers who took the time to send me the scary info on bat poop. And I do mean scary!! After doing some research I was scared to death and afraid the bat chair and I were not meant to be. I was out in the country doing some other shopping and decided to stop by the barn and see if the chair was as bad as I remembered. I had also been shopping in a chicken coop the same day and I am easily confused and prone to exaggeration when being descriptive. Good news! Milton's barn was clean as a whistle, cleaner than my home, and no bat poop in sight. It was another chair from the chicken coop that was in desperate need of a cleaning.

So guess who came home with me? Doesn't he look good. A little polish, a damp cloth and a good vacuuming and he is almost good as new. And that's my vintage fabric that finally showed up from Canada. Isn't it great? Well it would look great if you could see the pattern a little better.
(please excuse the junky photo. Things are coming and going and piling up everywhere)

I also happened to find bat chair's twin....

Can you believe it? See it here.
It was sold at auction and I only missed it by 4 years!! At least that gives me hope that I can one day find a mate.


  1. will it live at your house or go to the shop? that was always the question when I had a space. it was mostly a revolving door situation for me...

    love it! donna

  2. Wow, I just read the comments about the bat poop. Who knew??? Glad to hear that you don't have to worry about it after all. The chair is awesome!

  3. Oh I love him! I hope he gets reunited one day with his mate, and to think he was just hanging out in a barn!

  4. Who is selling all this stuff out of chicken coops and barns? I need to go out into the country more often!

    So glad you got your chair! You never know when its mate will show up!

  5. the fun is in the hunt right?

  6. Captured game! Love the chair!

  7. Fantastic find dear scavenger! Nothing will give you the memories like this chair will over the next twenty years. Rock on!


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