Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Friday

A big thank you to Jessica at Lavender and Lilies for The Stylish Blogger Award.

Now I have to tell you seven things about myself...are you tired of hearing about me? Hang in there, this won't take long..

1. I spent my junior year of college in England. (Have I told you that before? I can't remember and I think it makes me sound more interesting than I am)

2. I love boiled peanuts (classy, I know).

3. I used to get homesick as a kid. Truthfully, I still do. On my last trip to Atlanta I tried to convince my husband to come get me. He wouldn't.

4. I don't like crowds.

5. I don't like fancy restaurants.

6. And I especially don't like poetry. (So if you want to torture me, take me to a fancy, crowded restaurant and read me a poem. Hell in a nutshell.)

7. But I do like to take naps. Sure it's hard to sleep with a 3 year old poking you in the eye every five minutes, but I do what I can.

Enough about me. What about you? Any plans for the weekend? If you're not busy Friday night stop by The Eclectic. As part of Fourth Friday, Randy will be serving wine and cheese from 6-9.
Info here.

pic from:Eddie Ross, Elle Decor


  1. Hope to make it down to Castle St. tonight...can't wait to see the booth...-Ann

  2. Glad you finally wrote 7 things about yourself! The England thing sounds vaguely familiar, and yes, it does make you more interesting. And, I couldn't agree more about poetry. Not my scene. Glad you shared!

    Wish I could come to the wine & cheese party and peruse your goodies!

  3. Great list Sissy. Sadly I still get homesick too and I could eat Boiled Peanuts all day. They are salty goodness and paired with an ice cold Coke there is nothing better. I am thinking I might have that for breakfast now. One of the joys of living in the South, there is a boiled peanut stand at our grocery store, gotta love it!

  4. ma'm tell me where your shop is in relation to the college and market street- we'll be down for griffin's orientation in the next 2 months or so so i want to see it!

  5. Congratulations on the award! I really enjoyed your list - had me laughing - especially #7 since I could relate. :)

  6. I have had boiled peanuts once...I will have to revisit them! I am with you on crowds...I have never understood why people like going to crowded bars! TGIF. xx

  7. Congratulations on your award. I am new to your blog and I am really glad that I found it!

  8. Ha haha! I'm right there with you on 5-7. Too funny.

  9. Numbers 6 and 7 made me laugh out loud so much. Have we eaten boiled peanuts together before? Because I adore them. xo

  10. loved these tidbits!

    have a fun weekend, sissy...


  11. Lord I feel the same way about #6. Add loud to that and I am probably going to be rude to someone.

  12. Went to the Flea with Kathy today, ask her about that super duper mirror she saw and the french desk and chair and convince her she must buy it Now!

    And boiled peanuts are the sh*t, didn't even know there was such a thing till I moved to Nashville.

  13. If loving boiled peanuts is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

  14. I love naps and I am not even sure what a boiled peanut is...

  15. Hi I just found your blog and I love your blog's favorite flower! Anyways, I can't wait to read more of your posts! I'm new to the blogging world and I hope you can follow me: WhatMissLoves

  16. You crack me up! Hope you had a good weekend and there was no poetry!

  17. Great list on this post, Sissy.
    So fits you--fun and prissy.

    You like grody boiled peanuts,
    I like rhymed lines with beatniks.

    But we both like a pretty well-designed chair
    So despite the differences, well we'll fare.

    (I'm a blogger, not a poet...)

    Ha! :)

  18. I always enjoy learning little tidbits about bloggers. I get homesick too but I do like fancy restaurants (dives too though).

  19. hell in a nutshell ha...I always read these lists of seven things...people always say the best stuff, but this just might be my favorite list so far!

  20. LOL! I'm pretty sure we're the same person (minus England...sadly). I am new to your blog and I love it! It's great to read about someone that has similar tastes and loves in life. Thank you.


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