Monday, November 22, 2010

I Heart Kandy

Dear Kandy,
(Kate + Andy = Kandy)
I figure that's what the paparazzi would call them if they lived in L.A. It's cute isn't it? And perfect for a design star couple.
And I know I posted this yesterday, but I love it so much I am just going to re- post it again this morning!

Your apartment rocks!! I call this the "Whatever" style of design. It doesn't look planned or uptight. It's like they said "We like it, let's buy it. We'll find a place for it". I bet Kate has never thought "Will this match?" No, I am sure she says "Whatever! I love it, I'll make it work." And she does.

Kate and Andy, if you ever decide to have a yard sale, call me first!!
And if you have too much artwork and not enough wall space, I will be glad to hang some for you. Just to keep it safe, you know.
Want to see more? Check out The Selby.


  1. I'm coming to that yard sale, no matter how pricey the ticket is to fly there.

  2. gray walls, black painted doors and funky art work. I love it all...

  3. Totally agree with your assessment. They have style in spades - Ha, couldn't resist the bad pun. I'm off to check out more. Thanks for sharing

  4. I die! THIS is living - in color, comfort & coziness. {{{LOVE}}}!!!

  5. Love the artwork, it's simple but adds a lot of character. If the wallpaper isn't textured, it looks like it is... :o)

  6. Kandy! Love it! The artwork, all of in spades! :)

  7. Another proof that if you have great taste in one area, you have great taste in it all.

  8. I'm so diggin the art....Hooper & I definitly want an invite to that yard sale!

  9. love this post! They have a fantastic home in the Hamptons-everything they touch is so chic!


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