Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fireplace Wall Part 2

Back to my fireplace...the next baby step I hope to take is switching my gas logs for some...
Don't you love them?

I think they fit in nicely no matter what your style..
I am also thinking about painting my firebox yellow! Wouldn't that be so fun? Thanks to Betsy P. for the idea!!!

So what do you think? Logs or balls?

PS I had several people ask about the curtains in my pictures from yesterday. If you are interested see this post.

picture from: Things That Inspire


  1. oh my gosh, you know how much I love those fireballs. I can't have them b/c of my ventless fireplaces, but you must get them, and I'll live vicariously. And how fun will that yellow be?!!

  2. I love fireballs. I think they work so well in a Southern climate... I am going to have them installed in my out door fireplace.

    Do it do it do it. Fireball action.

    mb from Dallas

  3. DEFINITELY BALLS! I love things that are different. Good choice!

  4. these are new to me. OK, I went back and looked at your fireplace and here is my official opinion:

    do it. they would look great in your space.

  5. I love them...we just finished a major renovation and this is one of those details I had not yet figured out. I was considering white birch gas logs, but am liking the fireballs instead. These are new to me as well. The rainy weather we are having in Southern California is making me think I need to do this today. Thank you for the inspiration.

  6. I had never heard of them either. I just like the name - fireballs! I'm juvenile, I know.

  7. Hello S - I'd go for the balls. The logs are just, well fake, and why not have balls that say "I'm throwing flames around for fun on something that's not wood" rather than "Ugh- flames on fake wood." The balls are really cool.

    I've got the real deal crankin' hot wood stove (it's cold up here in Albany, NY) and could stare at flames for hours...

  8. Fireballs ~ SO hot! Do it and be sure to post us all a picture!

  9. Great balls of fire! I have never seen anything like these! COOL!

  10. The fireballs are so clea and elegant. Love them and they go with any decor.

    Be sure to come and enter my fabulous Giveaway from Metis Linens!

    Art by Karena

  11. Balls! Very different - cool design - go for the balls!

  12. Oh, I like those! They are kinda fun looking in a canon ball kinda of way- go for it!


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