Wednesday, May 5, 2010

John Robshaw & Roberta Roller Rabbit's Baby

I've been thinking about fabric for my living room again. I know, it is never ending. I just haven't found that perfect fabric to use as my inspiration. I think I am getting close.

His Indian prints and bohemian feel are right up my alley.

The two lines go well together. Maybe a mix of the two is just what I need. In fact, if John Robshaw and Roberta Freeman got together and decided to have a baby I bet they would birth..

This curtain. Doesn't it just look like the two of them? I found it at World Market for $14.99.

It is not exactly what I am looking for, but it is too cute not to share. If you do decide to rush right out and buy it, I have some words of advice. Iron it. It is all crinkly and unless you are sitting in your Papasan chair drenched in patchouli, you really shouldn't have crinkle curtains.

And second, you will probably need to add a band of contrasting fabric since they are only 84 inches long. O.K. what do you expect for $14.99? So, if you need inexpensive curtains for a beach house, lake house or child's room, I say get to World Market now. Just don't forget to iron those dang crinkles out!!!


  1. love those fabric lines you featured; the first blue and white one is the bomb. and, excuse me!!! is that a gray wall I see there??
    pretty awesome....

  2. Loving the top four images! The colors and patterns are gorgeous, and yes, perfect together!

  3. I LOVE that first pattern. And I love your curtains. John Robshaw is the best. I am glad you're back. Your room looks so good. Eloise saw it and loved it. Also, i haven't sent the fabric yet- got really busy. xo

  4. it is cute. love your lantern.

  5. I'm totally loving the paisley pillow!!


  6. i love the robshaw yellow paisley vaginas..

  7. I really like those. I'm working on a model home that has those same colors in it. I may try to use those somehow. You can't beat 14.99. I could even cut them up and use them as pillows. Thanks for sharing your great find. -Cristi

  8. Great find! World Market has some great stuff for a steal. Those would be darling in a nursery.

  9. I always forget about World Market and then once I pop in, I fall in love! I've bought so many plates and so much flatware from them it's actually kind of embarassing but it's such great stuff and so reasonably priced!

  10. The first yellow and first blue are my favorite!! Great finds. I have fabric on my mind too.. I'm trying to find the perfect match for my new chairs!!

    PS I'm doing a giveaway!! Check it out :)

  11. I wish there was a World Market around here- there are always such great deals!

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