Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sprucing Up

A friend asked me for some ideas to spruce up her bedroom.

She's starting with a bed skirt in this wonderful fabric from Thibault. Now she wants to update the room and add a few finishing touches. I wish I had a better picture of the colors. In person it is more vibrant with touches of yellow.

First, headboard needed. I would go for a woven grass cloth to add texture.

Since the bed is in front of a window, I would have it made (or you can easily make it yourself) in a shorter version of this style. I love the corner detail and the nail head trim.

To add a little unexpected surprise, I would hang a sunburst mirror in the center of the windows.

If you can't find one in town, check out Ebay. Also, don't forget to look under sunburst clock. They usually have much better prices and you can pop out the clock and put in a mirror.

A pair of yellow lamps would add the perfect punch of color.

But don't spend a lot of money . Check out thrift stores, Ebay and Home Goods.

One of the bedside tables is a great long table that could double as a desk. If you don't want to use it as a desk, get a bench to go underneath.

Cover it in an animal fabric. Every room needs some zebra.

I just love this look and think it is the perfect spot to stack magazines and books.

Now for the desk as a bedside table. Practical and good looking.

Pull up a chair and you are good to go.

A bamboo chair? All the better!

Time for the finishing touch. We've got to throw in a pillow or two. Check out this one from Fabricadabra. I like.

Want something safer? Alan Campbell's Zig Zag would be perfect...

With this. (This post is so long I thought you might have forgotten what fabric we are working with)

Maybe something more colorful...the possibilities are endless. We definitely need something with some yellow and white to tie in with the lamps.

O. K. that's all for now. What do you think?


  1. Wow, great recommendations! Such a pretty fabric to be starting out with, too. You've inspired me to do something about a headboard for my bed, which is also in front of a window...

  2. I still long for an upholstered headboard but I'm trying to decide if I want to go for a king-size or stick with my queen. I love all your fabric choices, and the yellow lamps (I actually have two yellow bedside lamps from HomeGoods that I love!). And it's like you're reading my mind. I just bought a sunburst clock at the flea market to make into a mirror to go over my bed (or somewhere).

    Thanks for the inspirational post!

  3. I was kinda blown away by the idea of hanging the starburst mirror over the window. love that idea and what a statement it would make...great going there, gal...

  4. What do I think? I think you are the best decorator ever!! Great ideas-wish you were still in Charlotte!

  5. Wonderful! Love the fabric and bamboo chair. We are beginning to think about a make-over for my daughter's room (she is 13) and I would love to incorporate many of your ideas - we'll see how that goes...

  6. GREAT ideas- can I come visit her room when it's done?! i LOVE the blue rooms and the last one. So fun. Thx.

  7. She is going to have a lovely room ! Thanks for the tip about sunburst clocks on Ebay. I'm on it.....

  8. Ok, I totally loved your thought process right here so we can follow it.

  9. I so love Thibaut fabrics and wallpapers! The yellow lamps - gorgeous! Great ideas all 'round! And the dog on the sofa is so cute. :)

  10. first of all...i love you! thank you for the sweet comments and adding me along to your fab list.
    secondly...that blue bamboo chair....WOAH!
    and 3. those yellow lamps are bliss! love em.

  11. You should just change the blog name to the bedroom queen! Do mine, do mine! :D

  12. I think your friend owes you a very nice lunch! Fabulous recommendations!

  13. I LOVE those yellow lamps!!!!! Great finds!

  14. Love all your recommendations! What a fun post! And, those yellow lamps, little zebra and a zig zag - all so yummy!

  15. I don't know what I love more...your ideas or the images you used to illustrate them! And fabricadabra...aside from the cutest name, is my newest obsession!

  16. oh honey that chair is to die for! love your blog! I've added you to my roll and am including you in a post tomorrow, please visit :)

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