Monday, April 26, 2010

Green Home 2010

Have you seen the HGTV Green Home for 2010?

I like it.

I would like to win it.

I only have one problem with the home.

Have you noticed the accent color that runs through almost every room?

I'll give you a hint...

It's my least favorite color.

After all, this blog is not called Red Hydrangea.
Still, it is a fabulous home and you can enter to win it here.

I'll tell you what, if I win I'll take you for a week to my new vacation home. You win, you take me for a week. Deal?


  1. Deal! Since this home is so close to where I live, I would definitely like to win it!

  2. You're funny. It's so far away, but I love it. But I'm with you on the red!!

  3. I am getting a red dress for the wedding and you will love it! Actually I'm getting whatever fits....can't wait to see you guys!

  4. Deal. We'll just have to get rid of the red. xx

  5. Love it, and although I'm not a huge fan of red either, I think I kind of like the small accents in each room. Thanks for sharing!

  6. ha ha! (its my least favorite color too!) but I would happily win that home!

  7. I don't mind red, but I thought the red island in the Green Home was a bit much. It's like a fire engine landed in the kitchen.

    I find that my color preferences change as I get older or just as my tastes change, I guess. I used to have more red in my home when French country was all the rage. Now that the trend is gone, so is the red. I guess I should just quit following trends!

  8. my favorite in quite a while, I must say. could use a little less red, though, I agree. LOVING the laundry though!!

  9. Sound like a deal! What a beauitful house. It would be pretty easy for you to remove all that red, well you would have to remove some carpet but you could did it!

    Love that hanging bed in the kid's room.

  10. Deal, I love red, not exactly in the shades and ways it is used in each room....will still take it!!

    Art by Karena

  11. I wouldn't mind doing laundry at all if I had a room like the one in this house.
    mb from Dallas

  12. Deal. I really only like red when its with turquoise in small doses. I did my entry red because I had to compromise w/ my hubby, but its been a bear trying to get it to work. I say slipcovers, new bedding & rug!

  13. i think it's kinda barfy. that lime green makes me want to punch grannies and that red rug makes me want to eat nails. overall i think it lacks personality.

  14. Of course I love the gray cabinets and I love the light fixtures!

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