Monday, March 15, 2010

What A Difference

A little wallpaper can make!

Exhibit A. I like it.

Exhibit B. I LOVE it!!
Amazing!! He did change the light fixture and add a fabulous bench, but the main difference is the wallpaper and what a difference it is.
This is the home of Ryan Corban and the whole place is amazing. More photos tomorrow.

You like?

pictures from:
Chinoiserie Chic


  1. Oh, I like it! I wish I had somewhere to use wallpaper in my house.

  2. Amazing...It looks so much bigger with the paper!

  3. I'm the only one. I love wallpaper, but not that particular wallpaper.

  4. I like the paper, but I think that it might drive me a little crazy after a while (not like that's a long journey).

    I need a fun, graphic wallpaper in my powder room so I'm always looking for ideas. Thanks for the great inspiration!

    By the way, do you think they just put that bench in to style the room for the photo? It just seems like there's barely room to turn around in there as it is. Cute? Yes. Practical? Not too sure.

  5. It does make a big difference in that space, it looks twice as large now- I like.

  6. Breathlessly in love is more like it. What pray is that fabulous patterns origin???

  7. I actually love BOTH, the before and after! can't wait to see more pics!

  8. That F and B wallpaper is my newest obsession!

  9. When all else fails, go BIG & BOLD! I love it!

  10. It's like you doubled the space in terms of square footage. L.O.V.E it!

  11. I LOVE that pattern. I can't even remember the name, but I used it for my blog header. I in trouble for acknowledging that? :)


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