Friday, March 19, 2010

Flash Back Friday - The 80's

There is just so much good stuff from the 80's, so here is a small sample...
Let's start with what we were wearing...

Seems like everyone had the same uniform....white t shirt, Guess Cowboy Booties, and

Guess jeans. These are my actual Guess jeans I dug out of my attic yesterday. I can still remember the day I got them. I LOVED these jeans and true love never dies, although it may fade a little, as it did yesterday when I tried them on. Yes, they still fit. Sort of. But they looked hideous!!! That's O.K. I will remember the good times and forget the fright I gave myself yesterday.

Of course the outfit wasn't complete without a Swatch watch.

When we wanted to dress up we turned to Laura Ashley. British Puritanism at it's best.

Yes, there was life before Diet coke. It was called Tab. Introduced in 1963 it hit it's height of popularity in the 80's.

At the movies...Caddyshack

And E.T. Which would led to Reece's Pieces.
Did all the kids in your neighborhood run around saying "phone home, phone home"

On T.V. we were watching Solid Gold. With the Solid Gold dancers. That is about the only time in my life I wanted to be a dancer. It was just so 80's. Spandex, headbands, gold lame' and sequins.

Friday nights were saved for Dynasty.

And week days for General Hospital. Mainly Luke and Laura's wedding in November 1981. Did Luke not creep you out? For the love of God, cut your hair and lighten up on the perms!!!

Remember when we all wanted our MTV. And when it was actually music television. Not reality shows. They actually played music videos.

And the best of the best was Thriller. Don't you remember being glued to the screen?

Another monster album of the 80's was Purple Rain. Purple Rain.

I never meant to cause you any sorrow
I never meant to cause you any pain
I only wanted to one time see you laughing
I only wanted to see you laughing in the purple rain

How can you not love an album with:
Purple Rain
When Doves Cry
Let's Go Crazy
I Would Die 4 U

I saw Prince at the Greensboro Coliseum sometime in the early 80's and he was awesome. Awesome but strange.

Hope you enjoyed the 80's flashback!
See anything from your past?

P.S. For the reader who wanted clarification on my husband's girlfriend: No, they are not really dating. I frown upon him dating. It just gets messy. And yes, he really does prefer Claire over Gloria.


  1. oh, yeah, baby. those 80's rock...!

  2. Thriller was my favorite! And I only have about 50 songs on my ipod, but I have all of those Prince songs on there! His music from that time is the best. And the swatch watches and Guess jeans - I also loved those! Great post.

  3. ha! love this, but not the uniform we all wore. Um, cant believe you still have the jeans.

  4. So jealous that you not only still have those jeans, but that they fit you! My swatch, I miss my swatch watch, I had a red and black Keith Heiring that would be worth a fortune now! I saw Prince in concert too, The Wear Something Purple tour, and everyone did those hand moves for I would die for you! Luke was super creepy....I could go on and on...thanks for the trip down memory lane! So fun.

  5. Oh, I see everything from my past ! My best friend went to that Prince concert (I think it was 84) I didn't get to go. :( I was sooooo bummed. Thanks for the blast from the past.

  6. Ah, the 80's. Decade of my youth. My sister went to way more concerts than I did. I remember the shoe boots and Guess jeans, but my favorite 80's trend was probably the Swatch watch. I got my first one in NYC during a family trip before they were really being sold much in my hometown of Memphis. I felt SOOO cool! Still remember what it looked like - opaque purple straps with teal face covered with a black lace print. Very 80's!

    Thanks so much for the stroll down memory lane!

  7. My girlfriends and I still listen to Prince when we are driving to the beach for a getaway. Or Madonna.

    Also I saw a woman in the grocery store sunday with about 8 12-pks of TAB. I almost asked her what decade it was.

  8. I had that dress. Scary. I'm pretty sure it's the same one that was on Good Bones, Great Pieces a little while back, too.

  9. Purple Rain was not only my favorite album because Prince and his assless chaps rock, but because it was PURPLE which was my favorite color (still is).

    Swatch watches, jelly shoes, slap bracelets, neon colors and a permanent burn mark on my forehead from my curling iron. Ahhhh, those were the days.

  10. omg.. the boots ( and the jeans ) who the heck decided we should dress like that? :)

  11. Love this flash back down memory lane. I remember the 90's more than 80's but I did have guess jeans and a swatch watch. Classic.

  12. you frown upon him dating?! Sissy, you crack me up- too funny. The 80's were just so bad, weren't they, but we loved them.

  13. Hah! I have some very vague memories of watching Solid Gold with my grandmother. :) I had a Swatch watch (hot pink and black) and sooo coveted those Guess boots!

  14. that was fun! all good memories from the 80's!

  15. What about the hair and shoulder pads-didn't you tell me I looked like I was in a Poison video? personally I loved Flashdance and Footloose. And since I was pregnant with severe morning sickness during that whole Purple Rain thing I associate it with vomit-sorry! That and Starlight, Starbright First star I see tonight by Madonna!

  16. confirmed.

    actually i saw prince on the purple rain tour and i was so close that i screamed "i love you prince" and right after he declared "i love you too baby".
    died. forever died.

  17. This is killing me!!!

    Booties - yes
    White T-shirt - oversized
    Guess jeans - yes, with zippers at the ankles
    Swatch watch - pink

    Don't forget the TV show "DALLAS" and who shot JR. And Duran Duran. And shoulder pads. And jelly shoes. And Jams. Madonna.
    I could go on and on.... LOL!!

    Has it really been over 20 years??

  18. never saw Prince or his ass-less chap, but i did see michael jackson on the victory tour back in the day when he was still alive and black

  19. I never had those booties. Why did I never have those booties? I always worn Tretorns with my guess jeans.

  20. adorable post!Love the 80's! I never did have the spray net hair though..I had tons of swatches!

  21. I was a kid, but I remember every single bit. But we were a Dallas family, not Dynasty. And Hee Haw. I don't even want to think about what this says about me and my fam.

  22. Ahh, I wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer.

  23. Actually I would LOVE to see you as a Solid Gold dancer-maybe you can show me your moves at Chelsie's wedding....I'm LOLing just picturing you as one!!!

  24. This post certainly brought back some lovely memories. Thanks for sharing!

  25. agghhh! oh to think think we were so hot. especially in laura ashley and that big hair!

    fun trip back

  26. Fun post! Solid Gold--- my gosh what an amazing show! And, of course, I was just a young girl, but I lived for Dynasty when I was in the 4th grade. Best show ever!!!

  27. hilarious... was that really us??? i had those shoes... and those jeans... and watched all of those shows.. thanks for the reminders.. xx

  28. such a funny post- my mom used to drink Tab like it was her job AND she told me that I actually watched Luke and Laura's wedding- I was born in November and she was at home with me watching the show at the time- too funny!

  29. this post is too funny! i was born 1980 and turn 30 next month. we were going to do an 80's themed party, but now we are doing a preppy country club theme. now i think it would be funny to combine the two like caddy shack! haha:)

  30. Omg! That made me so nostalgic I almost cried! My mom did the coolest thing EVER (in my 11yr old mind) and let me and my sister skip school to watch Luke and Laura get married.

    The 80's...we thought we were all so cool!!!

  31. It's so funny. I'm English and other than Solid Gold (never heard of it) and Laura Ashley ( wouldn't of been caught dead in it) it's all the same!


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