Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bright, Happy Christmas

Right now I am loving all these bright happy Christmas pictures.

I usually do the old red and green theme with some gold thrown in...

But I am thinking it might be fun to add some other colors.

I, of course, mean next year.

I am so done decorating for this year...DONE!!

But if it is too late for bright, happy colors in my holiday decorating, maybe I can get some in my accessories.

What about you? Red and green or pink and blue?

pictures from:Bliss Tree, Better Homes & Gardens, Martha Stewart, Getty Images, Miss Ruby Sue.


  1. I have silver garland on the tree and I put gold garland on the pillars btwn the lr and dr and Arty- who is totally oblivious to almost everything- kept telling me I couldn't do the silver next to the gold- when I said Who cares? He said I'm calling Sissy- she wouldn't like that! Go look on her blog

  2. i have not are DONE!?
    good for you but then again YOUR husband left a clean slate :-)

    oh yes, you asked a question......turquoise! IF i were to decorate

  3. Red and green with silver and gold thrown in. Love a bunch of greenery. And mercury glass. I have to have cut waxy magnolia branches on table tops to make it really seem like Christmas. Closer to Christmas, I will get some white tulips and put them in a vase with greenery and throw in some...and candles. But nothing is quite right without family and friends gathered during this special holiday.

  4. That tree with all the colorful curly-cues is so adorable! I say accessorize with COLOR!

  5. Great photos! I also do the "Classic, traditional" colors of Christmas (n.o.t. the "old red and green" theme) LOL!

  6. I so don't know where I am. I'm done. I'm not done. I need to do everything in these pictures. Wait, I haven't slept in 7 months from a very awake baby, so none of these images will even remotely happen. I need to get a grip. xo Ali

  7. Totally not done, need to go get started now as a matter of fact- I've got to catch up to everyone :)

  8. I love the picture of the ornaments, all the color is so fun. My decorations next year need to have a little more color!


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