Thursday, October 15, 2009

We Are Family

I was going through some old Dominos last night, because that's what I do, and I came across one of my all time favorite features. Sisters, Nicole and Merrill Hanley, and their fabulous New York apartments. Almost identical layouts, it is fun to see how designer Keith Irvine packed each apartment full of personality. And pack he did, the apartments are only 800 square feet.

Nicole's entrance hall and...

Merrill's entrance hall. It's getting interesting don't you think?

Although the apartments have totally different color schemes, I do think they have a similar feel.

Both bedrooms have a traditional feel with beautiful linens and desks as bedside tables. An idea I love and may be using soon.

I love their style. Granny meets hip young girl.Traditional with a twist. Nicole describes it best saying her style is " a blend of contemporary pieces, vintage treasures and hand-me-downs".

Which do you like better? The soothing blue/greens of Nicole's apartment or the fire engine red of Merrill's. Want to see more? The Peak of Chic did a post on Nicole's apartment a few years back that includes more photos. Check it out here, it is a treat!!

pictures from: Peak of Chic, So Haute and Brilliant Asylum.


  1. oh, I know, I loved that feature. Of course I love the more soothing one, though if I DID like red, I'd love Merrill's main room b/c it is a fab room. But I don't like red one little bit so there's that. That was fun.

  2. I'm for the blues and greens! miss Domino!

  3. I totally agree about the desk/nightstand! I've been seeing that a lot lately and am totally loving it.

  4. Fun post. I think I would pick Nicole's!

  5. Hmm, I dont think I could just pick one- I like parts of both places combined into one. Either way they are lucky girls to have such awesome places in the city!

  6. i am typically a fan of blue/green, but I actually love the fire engine red! Surprise! :-)

  7. love look at old dominos....i like both!

  8. I just saw this last night while looking through my old domino's too! I was thinking while looking at them that I loved both for so many different reasons. They both have great taste!


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