Monday, August 24, 2009

This is Amazing

While looking through all the fun, fabulous photos on Todd Selby's site I came across the most amazing piece of art.

Tada!! Do you recognize him? This is a paper sculpture of Tom Wolfe. A construction paper sculpture. Can you stand it? This is so up my alley. I want one so badly I can hardly stand it. I searched and searched but couldn't find anything about the artist. Does any out there have any info?

You have to admit it is a pretty good likeness. I actually like the paper sculpture better....he looks happier in paper.

scott fife Brigitte Bardot
While searching for the artist of Tom Wolfe's sculpture, I found some other great paper artist. Like Scot Fife. He uses a variety of materials including cardboard.

The details in his work are amazing. I think he does great work, but to me I miss the happy whimsical look of the construction paper sculpture.

Not so serious is this paper fly from Elsa Mora. She has two blogs, check them out here and here. I wouldn't mind having one of these guys. Or maybe a bee. Yes, a bee would be perfect.

My twins made construction paper self portraits at school and I love them. They have taken a little abuse since they hang on the bottom of the bulletin board. Somebody (I am not going to mention any names) loves to pull them off and throw them in the air. Maybe they can make some more this year....or a paper sculpture. Maybe I should just hang them higher.


  1. hang them higher- I noticed them in the picture you posted earlier of your bulletin board. Love them! Interesting sculptures- You're funny about Tom Wolfe. I love the colors, but I like the one of Brigitte Bardot better.

  2. You should frame your children's self portraits in white frames from the Conran Shop. They would great in a playroom or back hall.


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