Thursday, July 23, 2009

Story of a study

Thank you to everyone for all your support and encouragement. Because of you, I have decided to go for it and spend my hard earned money on totally too expensive, but fabulous, fabric. To justify this purchase I decided to tell you the story (Carrie you know this story) behind my husband's office/study. There is going to be some nice fabric in a pretty humble room.

About a year and a half ago I was driving down my alley when I saw my neighbors had some chairs out by their garage (not by the trash and they did not look abandoned). I thought "Oh, look, M & H must be getting those chairs recovered. That is exactly what I need for Bill's office." Later that day I saw a Salvation Army truck picking up the chairs. What? Should I run after them and try to buy them off the truck? I was weighing the embarrassment of chasing a charity donation truck against the thought of a good deal. Surprisingly, pride won. I raced inside and called the Salvation Army to find out where that truck was going. The nice lady told me and the next day I was there bright and early to buy the chairs for $50 each.

What's even funnier, I found out a good friend of mine had these chairs in her den growing up so I know they came from a nice home.

The fabric is not bad it just didn't match my decor. I drug out an old ottoman and I was set. Next I had to find some new fabric and with my Decorating A.D.D. I had a hard time committing, but finally decided on a pale blue linen/cotton.

Not this pale. The blue looks so washed out in the picture. I promise there is more to it in person. I think the fabric was $10 a yard and I had slipcovers made for $150 each. I inherited the game table from my grandmother and I love it. It reminds me of Nana.

I already had some pillows made with the Alan Campbell yellow Zig Zag fabric that I bought for $7.99 a yard. I think it goes great with the new Kathryn Ireland fabric.

Little bit closer view. So although it is a work in progress (I need something on the walls!), I think it is coming along and the pillows will add the pop of color the room so badly needs.

That is what impresses me about decorators. They pick all the fabrics for a room before they get started. Sure makes it easier. But not me. No. I like to pick a random fabric and 6 months later throw something else in and two years later find the one fabric that ties it all together....exhausting but fun!

(Nothing like a photograph to show you how lame your room really looks. I am sure it 's not me. Must be the camera.))


  1. I think the new fabric will look great in there. And your room does now look lame! I love the curtains and rug, and the game table.

  2. that room is far from lame, but it IS more colorful in real life. I am so glad about the fabric- it is absolutely fabulous and will bring you so much joy every time you go in there. It's worth every penny. Some things just are.

  3. I think those pillows w/that fabric will look great in there! And I've told you before I really like those curtains you dressed up!

  4. Oh my gosh!! What a hilarious story about stalking the Salv Army truck! I can't believe it worked out so well for you!

    Love the new fabric - it really ties everything together!

  5. It looks AWESOME! I can't wait to see how it turns out. Such a perfect mix. And Nana's table is the BEST. It makes the room in my opinion. Must have something with a soul.

  6. Great combo with the fabrics! I think the room looks wonderful - love your curtains!

  7. Can't wait to see the final look! I think homes are always a work in progress (at least homes not done to perfection by a designer with a designer budget :-)). I love your new fabric!

  8. Thanks for commenting over at my blog! I must say that I absolutely love yours as well! :) Congrats with the fabric, it really is fabulous!

  9. That is so cute ... I can see you watching the goodwill truck... boy did that work out though! Love the chairs! They look great! Isn't that what makes it special ... love the way you put things together.

  10. Looks so great. I still can't believe that you found that AC fabric for $7.99!! Love it.

  11. I love the Alan Campbell pillow. What a steal!!! You will not regret the Kathryn Ireland fabric. It will make the room!

  12. Nans game table is suberb. Why can't they make pieces like this anymore taht do not require you to rib a bank???
    I'm so glad you went for the fabric. You won't regret it. Investment pieces never are...its the 5.00 latte that hounds you.
    Thanks so much for the sweet words about the poem too.

  13. What a great story about the chairs! I think everything is coming along great, I love how the fabrics go together.

    Also love the new blog header...very pretty

  14. Where did you find that Alan Campbell fabric for so cheap?

  15. Ha! Love this post, and I'd say your method definitely works because the look seems to have evolved quite nicely!


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