Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lucky Girl

Well, as you know, The Big Green Warehouse sale was this past Friday and Saturday. I had a dear friend, Michele, drive down from Charlotte to go with me. We had a blast. She came on Thursday and we shopped all over Wilmington, went out for Mexican food and planned our strategy for Friday. One store we went in had the most unique light fixtures...

Is this great or what? I would love to have two of these hanging in my new kitchen someday, but at $595, it is not in the budget. Truthfully, there is not even a budget yet, but when we get to that point, I don't think $595 per fixture will fit. Still, I couldn't get this light out of my mind. It reminded me of something I had seen at...

The Big Green Warehouse! When I got there Friday morning two of these were waiting for me! Just sitting there waiting for me! What are the chances? The best part? They were $10 each! Yep, I am one lucky girl.

I think I will enjoy them as vases or candle holders or whatever before I get up the nerve to turn them into light fixtures. I don't think it will be that hard. Then I got to thinking about all the other stuff I could turn into lights. Maybe I'll start my own Etsy store (like that's really gonna happen) and sell cool, not too expensive, light fixtures. Maybe something like...

this....$595 from Pieces

or this...$1395 from Pieces

or maybe this....$1200 again from Pieces.

I love Pieces, but the prices are a little high for me and my tight wallet. Now is the time to get creative. And cheap. I am bidding on a few things on Ebay that would make great lighting fixtures.

So, what do you think? See anything you like? The Etsy shop is probably just big talk, but I would love to make a few unique lights for my own home. Maybe I'll make a few and see what happens..I'll keep you posted.

More to come from the Warehouse later in the week.
I can't give it all away in one day!


  1. you are too clever. Find some of those samller vases at the Big Green Warehouse, and I'll commission you to make lights for me! And I'll bet they wouldn't be $495 a pop! I do so love the Big Green Warehouse...

  2. I have a dream to have a basket pendant over our dining table. I hope to find the perfect basket eventually. The vases are a perfect match. Can't wait to see them as light fixtures.

  3. I can't believe that I haven't heard about this before (I'm a new reader and blogger too). Who would have thought in Warsaw. I will be waiting to see your lighting creativity:)

  4. The blue color of those vases is dreamy and what a score! I love basket pendants - they add so much character to a room.

  5. Wow you ARE lucky. Really what are the chances of finding something exactly like that. Now to find an expert lamp shop to make your vision a reality!

    Tricia - Avolli

  6. I am always seeing things and thinking they would make a great lamp/light fixture. But I have yet to find anything I'm willing to ruin trying!

  7. Sissy-have you seen the hemp pendant lamp project over at Craftynest?!!!! It is AWESOME, and it looks just like the hemp pendant lamp from Pieces:

    I've been dying to try it and blog about the results... maybe you can beat me to it! :-)

  8. I totally think you could make any of those light fixtures that you posted about... and they wouldn't be hard, at all. I have made several lamps around my house- but haven't tried a pendant yet!

  9. Love the blog. Keep up the good work. Playing golf this afternoon. Won't be home til late. Please have kids in bed before I get home.

    Love, Bill

  10. Oh Bill is such a hoot isn't he?? LOL

  11. I think you should go for it! Etsy is SUCH a wonderful vehicle for original artists! And if you've got the ideas, I'm sure there is a market for them out there! Good luck! OH... love those vases!

  12. I have been thinking a lot lately about making lights out of cool things. I think it is a great idea!


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