Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rosemary Beach

I hope you had a great holiday weekend! We ended our weekend with a bang!

Fireworks in the front yard with the neighbors. Redneck baby wearing only his diaper and up way past his bedtime and the twins setting trash on fire..yes, it was a great night!

Now that summer is here I got to thinking about great beach houses and I dug out an old issue of Country Living Magazine. Very old, August 2006.

But first I have to give a big Thank You to Urban Sardines for telling me about SnagIt, otherwise these pictures would be really lame. SnagIt is a great program that helps you cut and paste pictures from web sites that are being difficult. Now I don't have to take pictures of the computer screen. Isn't the blogging community great? Be sure to stop by Urban Sardines and say

A lot of you may recognize this architecture..Rosemary Beach, Fl.
The first time my husband and I left the twins for more than two nights we went to Rosemary Beach and stayed in a great little guest house. (I have to admit we got homesick and went back after 3 nights). This was when we lived in Atlanta and our dear friend Heather recommended it. It is a little to far to drive now, but it was wonderful! So I was excited to see this home featured in Country Living. I think you'll like it too.

I love the over-sized drum shade and the laboratory dining chairs.

The industrial metal cart is a great pop of color.
It is from Victory Vintage in Decatur, Ga. Wonder if they're still open and if I should add them to my shopping list while I am in Atlanta...

This beach house kitchen is nicer than my kitchen at home. I'm not bitter, just saying...

The homeowner's portrait helps tie in the red accents.

This great porch is off the master bedroom and if you look very closely you will see a Corona Light on the table by the hammock. It's like they knew I was coming! (O.K. I know it is hard to see, but I am holding the magazine and I promise you it is a Corona Light!)


  1. you're funny. Y'all had a festive Memorial Day!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE that oversized drum shade! Can't wait to meet you!

    Jaithan + Eddie

  3. this is going to sound so strange, but I swear we have those EXACT nautical flags -- same frames and everything -- hanging in Wes' office. we bought them in a consignment shop in Chattanooga. weird!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE Rosemary. It's one of my favorite places. That house is great. Esp that hammock!!

  5. Amazing home. I love that bright yellow cart. Love it! Glad to hear that you enjoyed your weekend.

  6. Aw... thanks for the link and note, Sissy! Glad I could help! Had such a busy day, I just now got to sit down to enjoy your blog :-)

  7. I absolutely loved getting a peak into this home. We get to stay in rosemary at least twice a year, we have a friend with a home there:)


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