Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Friday

Here a few images that made me smile this week. Sometimes as I am zipping around the Internet, looking at other blogs and web sites, I will see something that makes me happy. Maybe it is the color, fabric or artwork that gets my attention. Who knows what it is, but all these caught my eye and brightened my day. Hope they brighten yours too.

B. Braithwaite in Atlanta

So fabulous! Can you see the light fixture inside? Can you stand it?

picture from Style Court

This is the dorm room of a 21 year-old college senior! I know! Doesn't it look just like all the dorm rooms of guys you knew in college?

picture from Pink Wallpaper

Betsy P., this one is for you and I agree, it's great!!

picture from Material Girls

What a great kids room. Decorated by the king of happy himself - Jonathan Adler

picture from Elements of Style

Love the bright, happy pops of orange.

picture from Habitually Chic

Love the mix of different patterns.

picture from Brilliant Asylum

I wish my window box looked like this.
I am so glad I saw this because I need to add Lush Life to my list of stores to visit while in Atlanta.

Butterball in the backyard.
How can you not smile when you see that little face?
I can't tell if he is thinking "Mom's the best" or "Another picture? Lady get a hobby!"

I had a good week. Hope you did too!!


  1. oh, my gosh-I love all those shots. I think the one from Pink Wallpaper is my fave {as I wnet back to it again and agin this week!}. Oh no, baby boy is my favorite! He is adorable and looks exactly like your other kids- too cute. Okay, that dorm room and Jonathan Adler room? Fabulous. I haven't had time to visit all my blogs this week- I'm a little too excited about catching up. I'm the one who needs a hobby. You make me laugh, Sissy.

  2. He is precious! That dorm room is quite beautiful.No one had rooms like that when I was in college.

  3. Beautiful rooms- and window boxes do make the house look so cute! And that baby....wanna squeeze those little legs!

  4. love B.Braitewaite! and that dorm is ridiculous!

    Butterball is too much -- look at those cheeks!

  5. beautiful blog and lovely post, but i have to tell you, your little butterball is sooo adorable! he is just the cutest little guy! have a Happy Mother's Day!

    God Bless,

  6. Those window boxes are amazing! Your little fellow is pretty cute too! Happy mothers day! Tracey xx

  7. Thanks for the collection of inspiring images. The topiaries at B. Braithwaite are amazing. Do you think they are real? And yes, the light fixture seen through the door is great and the dorm room is impressive...a designer in waiting I assume.

    Happy Mother's Day to you
    Tricia - Avolli
    P.S. Your little "butterball" is just the cutest!


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