Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dirty Laundry and Ma Ingalls

Last Thursday my dryer broke. Friday the G.E. guy came to fix it. At 5:00 on Friday he said he would have to order a new part. It would take a week. Do you have 3 children? Have you ever gone a week without a dryer? Yes, I know there are people in the world who have never had a dryer. I am not those people.

But I have become one of those people. I feel a little like Ma Ingalls. If only I had Half Pint to help me!

In truth it hasn't been that bad. In truth it hasn't been that great. There is laundry hanging all over my house. But I will say it smells really good. My dire laundry situation got me thinking about laundry rooms and where I would like to dry my clothes...

This is a fancy, fabulous laundry room. Maybe we should call it a laundry nook. It is from the home of Heather Chadduck of Cottage Living. The picture isn't great. It may be because the site wouldn't let me download it, so I just took a picture of the screen. You know, they take away your magazines; then they take away the websites and now they won't even let you download the pictures. What is wrong with these people? If you want to see better (much better) pictures go here.

Yes, behind the fabulous curtains are the washer and dryer. When Heather is not doing laundry she uses the area as a bar. Love the concrete counter top.

picture from Garden Web

Can you say "Holy cow!"
This has got to be the mother of all laundry rooms.

picture from Garden Web

The other side of the room.
If this is the laundry room can you imagine what the rest of the house looks like?

picture from apartment therapy

Orange crush.
Just a bright, happy place to do your stinking laundry!

picture from Domino

Nice, bright, neat and organized. Everything a laundry should be.
Oh, I need one of those drying racks!!

picture from Domino

This is one of my all time favorite laundry rooms which is funny because it looks a lot like this...

Home sweet home. My laundry room!!
Yes, there it sits, the no good, lazy dryer!!! Oh well, it will be all better Friday and once it gets cranking and drying all will be forgiven!


  1., Sissy, you make me laugh. Oh my gosh, we could have fun in that Garden Web laundry room- have cocktails, the whole bit! Your laundry room looks fabulous- did you paint that fun pear? How about your perfect tray of laundry goodies?! And I have to admit that a whole week without a dryer would make me extra grumpy, though I couldn't live without a drying rack- rush right out and get one!!

  2. Wow- I would love that white laundry room from Garden Web! But would definetly want it on the first floor! Did I tell you when we first moved in here the movers forgot to hook up the washer & the upstairs flooded and we had water pouring thru to the first floor?? What a nightmare! After 6 weeks of water restoration-and going to the laundry mat- I still cringe when I turn on the washing machine!

  3. I love a great laundry room!

  4. Only 2more days! You'll appreciate your dryer so much more! Love the brocade pattern on your ironing board! My laundry is in the basement. It would almost make me want to do laundry if I had one of those beautiful rooms! Here's to better days, kiddo!

  5. hilarious....but so sad your dryer isn't working. i posted about cute bird clothes pegs on my blog today, but would be super sad if i had to use them. love all your laundry room pics, your's is so great. mine is a closet in my kitchen. we upgraded to better machines (yah!), but now they don't quite fit and the door is always open (boo!)

  6. Just looked at your post on a real computer instead of iphone. OMG... the mother of all laundry rooms is to DIE for! But yours is charming. the clear chair I missed when looking from my phone and the color of your walls.... its a happy room! I do laundry in the basement.... Half Pint would picket against those conditions! Good luck with your dryer!

  7. Yes I can say "holly cow" and boy does it apply. Such luxurious spaces to do the drudgery of laundry...I'll take any one of those spaces any day!

    Tricia - Avolli

  8. Does Bill still have to do his own?

  9. Yes, Maureen. Bill still does his own laundry. Don't all husbands?

  10. I love your cute little laundry room! And OMG would I love that "Garden Web" laundry room. As an apartment dweller, a laundry room is kinda my dream :-). BTW, sometimes I send my laundry out to be cleaned when it gets overwhelming or I don't have time. In the city, it's not too expensive--might be worth looking into while your dryer is broken :-)

  11. Oh, and btw, you can use a screen capture program like SnagIt to get a better picture. Still not as great as a perfect JPG, but works pretty well:

    You just grab a screen-capture and then crop it!!!

  12. new addition to my bucket list: have a glamorous laundry room someday. great post!

  13. Funny to think how much you can do with a laundry room. I especially liked the bright orange one. Not normally one to use bright colors on walls, I find myself thinking that I just might imitate that one.
    Also, just wanted to say that I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Found it this morning by accident (at work) and have pretty much perused the entire thing (I'm obviously working very hard today). Please keep it coming!
    -Your Newest Fan

  14. That garden web laundry room is amazing.
    I would love not to trek down to the dirty basement everyday. Great images.


  15. It's good that you maintain your laundry room really well. One of the things that dirty laundry can bring is not just the smells and the stains, but pests. You know, these mosquitoes and the like. These are fairly adept at finding corners and places to nest in. So yes, keeping that place clean, while a given, is also wise because it deals with the mess as well as the pests, and the potential diseases that these may bring.


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