Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Mad Platter - Kelly Wearstler

Plates on the wall, country or cool? It can be a fine line you know. Today I am talking about plates, plates on the wall. There was a time when I couldn't wait to get every plate I owned hanging on the wall, usually in sets of two. Then I went through a phase where I thought it looked too country. Well, surprise, I have changed my mind again thanks, in large part, to Kelly Wearstler. Remember our friend from last week? I had fairly many blue and white plates and platters all stored away which really was a shame but I didn't want to do the same old thing with them. When I saw her plate display at the Viceroy hotel I was hooked. I took white craft paper, traced some of my plates and platters and taped them to the wall until I found a pattern I loved. Once again I am in love with plates on the wall...

Viceroy Hotel-Kelly Wearstler

This is actually outside in a courtyard.

Another wall in the courtyard.
Thanks for the inspiration Kelly.

picture from Visual Vamp

picture from Visual Vamp

picture from Wedding Diaries

picture from Danny Seo

picture from Apartment Therapy

picture from Haven & Home
Even in the bathroom they look great!

Do you see a theme? Grouping them in large quantities is the key. It makes for a dramatic display. Love it!

This is a close-up of my dining room. I don't know if you can tell but the plates go almost all the way to the floor. Now that I see the wall photographed, I think I need to add more plates and make the grouping a little tighter. Nothing like a picture to make you cringe!

A little bit different view. Not the best quality picture ever, but you get the idea. Thank goodness this is not a photography contest!
Please notice the ferns on the table. They are real and I have kept them alive for over a year! It's like my own little green miracle. They are rabbit foot ferns and they must be the hardiest plants known to man.

Do you like plates on the wall or think they are too country?


  1. Do you think the low ones are gonna survive with little kids in the house? That would make me nervous. But no, it's not too country! Looks good

  2. I plan to copy you with all the blue and white transferware that I also have! But it's packed away right now. I love it, and I right away noticed that your ferns are still alive. Wow- congrats!! Your room looks great! yeah, add more if you have them!

  3. I love the plates in your dining room. I also love the urns with the ferns. Lately, I've been dying to buy a fern for our living room. Are they difficult to take care of?

  4. So pretty. I love plates on the wall and totally think that the more the merrier. Your dining room looks amazing. I love how they pop against your paint color.

  5. Absolutely Fabulous! Thank you for just the visual inspiration I needed, and the references to sway the Darling Husband to be game for plates on our wall!

  6. Your dining space is beautiful! Those plates matches so well with the color of the wall. Oh & the chandelier is a great match, too!

  7. I don't think they're too country at all! But then, I can be a little country at times, that's for sure.

    I'm trying to amass a collection for my own wall, and yours looks great!


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