Thursday, August 27, 2015

Musical Bedrooms

We been playing musical rooms at my house. Locke moved into the guest room, the guest room bed went to Clay's room, Clay's beds went into Locke's new room and Locke's old room is now my office. What does all this mean? 1. My house is a disataster and 2. I want a change in my room too.

I am thinking a new headboard. 

ikat headboard

Something fun.

Scheherazade Headboard - Queen/Slate

Why play it safe when you can go over the top.

Custom Moroccan-style Upholstered Headboard by Again & Again

This could be the start of something fun.....
Do you have a favorite?

pictures here here

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hope and Dreams for a Tidy Future

I have high hopes...

That this book can help me...

Has anyone read it? Had any success? And words of advice?

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Around Here

Found this mirror today for a fun bathroom makeover.

 Can't wait to see it with the new aqua grass cloth wallpaper.

Ain't she pretty?

What can I say...vintage brass chandelier.
A big ole ball of brass love.
I could not decide what to do... I really wanted it but didn't need it...
I am going to sleep on it and see how I feel tomorrow (also waiting to see if I win the lottery)

 I have been living in this dress and now it is super on sale. 
Head on over and get you one, you won't regret it!!
(I'm talking to you Louise!)
And as long as you have your credit card out check out these other dresses I am keeping my eye on...

In other design news I am LOVING this house by Cortney Bishop I saw on House of Turquoise I am hoping to use the Kelly Wearstler curtain fabric in an upcoming project. Go check out the whole house, it's fab!!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Found It!

I found it! the Better Homes and Gardens magazine I was looking for.
(Thank you Amelia) 

This is the room now....

What a difference! Covering the overpowering yellow hue with crisp white created a serene backdrop, plus the illusion of more space.  "Provide visual interest by arranging some books horizontally," says Eddie Ross. "You can also place accessories atop the stacks." Coating the built-in unit's interior with a pale blue added depth.

And how it looked before...
Don't you love seeing how the room evolved over time? 
and one more...

"The place was stuck in a seventies time warp," says designer Eddie Ross of this Long Island, New York, living room. And while homeowners Chris and Jackie Keber didn't exactly adore their Brady Bunch set, the couple had no intention of spending a fortune. So Ross focused on simple upgrades, rejuvenating the 350-square-foot room with minimal outlay.

This was the living room in the beginning...
That room has come along way!!!
We should all take a moment to say "Thank you" to the white paint that all this fabulousness possible!!

(And a big thank you to Geri and Laurie and my other readers who offered their magazines to me!!)

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